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Just like the name implies a publicist’s sole responsibility is to publicize your work or build your brand. They are the reason celebrities become famous. They are the behind the scenes workers getting interviews, spreading buzz worthy tales and making sure the people who moves and shakes have you in their direct line of vision. How does this relate to an author? Very simple without a great product, a marketing plan and enough buzz created around your book it will become a pretty little wall flower on a wall filled with wall flowers. An added benefit is that most book publicist will read your book and if they are sold on it they are adamant about pushing your success. What can a publicist do for you that you can’t do for yourself? Well unless you have a long list of contacts and industry insiders you can call in favors on than they can do a great deal. I hope to give you five reasons why you need a book publicist and in true Urban Fiction News style I will provide you with a list of publicist that are specific to the urban fiction genre.

Reason #1 You Need a Book Publicist to take you From Unknown to Known

Self published authors have the disadvantage of not having a large big named publisher to fall back on. It’s easier to gain the attention of industry insiders when you have a large traditional publisher backing you. However, a disadvantage can also be an advantage because once you show the big boys you know how to sell your book the potential to be picked up by the big boys is much greater. That could mean higher advance checks and companies fighting for Your attention. The publicist will put you or your work in front of the world giving you more exposure. The great news is their job is to make you known/famous.

Reason #2 A Book Publicist has Connections

We have all heard that it’s not what you know but who you know. Well if that’s true many of us wouldn’t go far on our own. The most valuable aspect of a publicist’ job is networking and building relationships with media outlets. The author doesn’t have to know anyone personally as their representative puts them in front of their long list of contacts. That alone is valuable. How many authors are interested in hunting down folks to talk about their book? I know I am not (but I will) With a publicist you won’t have to. They get you interviews threw newspaper, magazine and radio or TV. They also create campaigns that will generate a buzz around you the author and the book.

Reason #3 A Book Publicist Help with Reviews

As I’ve said before book reviews are the literary gold of the book world. Having quality book reviews on retail sites can make or break your book. Word of mouth marketing can make your book a top seller. A publicist is able to get your book in the hands of reviewers by sending out review copies.They locate popular bloggers in your genre, from media resources and get your book in their hands. One great review can take you from an unknown to a known.

Reason # 4 Book Publicist Create Detailed Ad Campaigns

Many self-published authors may find it overwhelming to market their own work. When you employ the services of a book publicist they not only locate the best ad campaigns but do the ad placements for you. Many will tell you that not only is important to increase your books’ visibility through interviews etc… but also to have your book displayed prominently throughout the places readers of your genre are located. Your book cover should be placed on multiple sites for maximum exposure.

Reason #5 Social Media Should Be a Book Publicist’s Specialty

The world of marketing has changed so greatly that having an online presence is vital to your book’s success. You must know how to work the social media platform to get ahead. Many publicist are well versed on social media marketing and will use it to their advantage. They create enough buzz that gets Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc… discussing your book which ultimately means more book sales.

Below is a list of book publicist that cater to African-American Authors and also to the Self-Published author enjoy!!!

Dawn Michelle Hardy

Gwen Richardson

Heather M. Palmore ESq.

V. Michelle Stephenson

Makeda Smith or

Publicist for the Indie Author

Smith Publicity

Kelley & Hall

Novel Publicity

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Having your book sold in actual bookstores is not only a dream by many if not all fiction writers. It is also a far-fetched dream as many bookstores do not stock their shelves with self-published titles. There are a few ways around this, as I will show you five ways you can get your titles sold in bookstores. Before I begin let me first state that diligence is one of the keys to success. If you want to succeed you must first believe in your work and then follow through until you see every mountain as a small hill. My tips are not intended to be done in any specific order. Applying any of these tips could help you land your book in independently owned bookstores.

Tip# 1 Your Book Needs to be Bookstore Ready

This may seem obvious but many self-published authors are not following the basic rule of book sales, which is having an ISBN number. In order for your book to be sold it must have both a bar code and an ISBN. Bookstores will not consider your book if it doesn’t have them both. Book sales are tracked using the bar code and the ISBN number is your book’s social security number of sorts. If you are not intending on selling your book to family and friends. This also means it can be ordered through the distribution channels many bookstores use to purchase books.

Tip# 2 Do Book Signings 

Contact local bookstores to set up book signings. Bookstores are usually ok with book signings because it brings attention to their store but also because it brings patrons as well. Ask the bookstore owner if you can display your book on the counter or in the area surrounding your signing table. This will help bring attention to your cover and shoppers who were not aware of your signing will also be more interested when they see you signing.

Tip# 3 Ask Local Bookstores For a Trial Run

It’s no secret that many African-American bookstores are having troubles keeping the doors open. Urban Fiction titles have helped many independently owned bookstores pay the bills. If your book cover has mass appeal approach the bookstore owner with a sure plan. Ask if they would be willing to purchase a few of your books on a test run. A test run could be between five to ten copies. If your book was published with a POD publisher you may want to find out if they offer a buy back policy. Meaning the bookstore can return unsold books. This won’t affect your royalties. It may be wise to ask many family or friends to help support your effort by buying your book from the bookstore. This will impress the bookstore and compel them to purchase more copies. Having people request the copies from bookstores will also generate buzz around your title and also compel them to stock it in their store.

Tip# 4 Ask Bookstore Owners or Employees to Read Your Book

Many bookstore owners and its employees are avid readers. Use this to your advantage, this is especially true of specialty bookstores and shops. If you can compel them to read your story they may become fans of your work and help you in your mission to land in bookstores. Remember bookstore owners are usually friends with other bookstores. This could help you through word of mouth marketing.

Tip# 5 Create Buzz around Your Book

The more buzz created around your book the more likely bookstores are willing to put it in bookstores. You may have to create your own buzz. This can be done by having flyers strategically put around your local city. Place them in areas that has heavy traffic. Local grocery stores usually have boards by the front entrance posting events and things going on in the community. Hang flyers in obvious places such as bookstores, libraries. Use sites like to find book clubs that cater to your genre of fiction and ask to become a sponsor of their next book club meeting. Whether its you providing them with copies of your book, or having them hang posters during their meetings (which are usually held in local cafe’s or restaurants in your local area) or provide them with bookmarks or small postcards featuring your book cover.

You can even connect with local cafe’s asking them if you can host a book club meeting at their shop. A great way to network with cafe’s and create a buzz for you both is to ask them if they would be willing to offer a discount on their signature drink or sandwich or specialty items during the time of your book club meeting. This helps them get involved with promoting your book also.

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Banner created with

I recently discovered a cool banner site called that helps you create cool banners. The site allows you to customize your banner by choosing from muliple sizes, colors, texts and even where you want them posted.

I thought I would share with you my unprofessional attempt at banner making. also allows you to upload an image if you have one in mind. it is good for marketing your fiction titles and can also help when trying to advertise on other websites as well.

Occasionally I go off the familiar path and write on a topic that lights my fire and the topic of self promotion has done just that. Now I would like to start by saying self-promotion and spam are two different things (at least to me anyway) I will try to make sense of the two and hopefully we all are clear by the end of the post.

I was recently talking with a friend who mentioned how much they hate people sending them emails about their products and or services. However, she is a new business owner and was asking my help on possible marketing and advertising ideas to help promote “HER” project. This piqued my interest and upset me all at the same time. Simply because she doesn’t like others to promote their work but want the world to care about her and her project.


Spam as it relates to writing is an undesirable attempt at attracting attention to ones self with the sole intent to benefit and not provide anything to its recipients. Spam can come in the form of posting your advertisements with little regard to how others feel about it or if they are even interested in what you are offering.


Self-promotion as it relates to writing means sharing your accomplishments with other like minds by inviting them or asking if they would be interested in viewing your content.

My Opinion on Self-Promotion

To me its a shame to have a world filled with talented people and for them to not have an opportunity to share it with the world. I think letting others know about your work is good as long as it is in a sharing platform or if you are asking permission to share. I also think people are a bit shallow as we really don’t want to hear about what others are doing but want others to hear about our projects. We have to find clever, creative and inventive marketing methods to cater to this shallowness.

Spending years, months or weeks working on projects just to not have anyone care seems harsh or cruel to me. I know that everyone is not going to all care about the same things so self-promotion should be targeted hence the reason marketing campaigns are so expensive. I have always been the type of person who loves to receive information and love to share it. I also like providing people with the most how-to information while at the same time-sharing what I am doing.

Now I am not oblivious to the fact that people have the ability to bombard one another with their works but I am not annoyed by it simply because I “get” being excited about something you’ve slaved over or are passionate about. What do you think? What is wrong with self promotion? Please share your thoughts please by commenting below.

If anyone is interested in a self promotion forum where writers can come to share their recent projects, events and what’s going on with them please tell me so

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If you are done writing your urban fiction title and followed the steps found in “The No Bull Method to Publishing” then this post is for you. I can’t stress enough how many new writers I run across who are absolutely clueless when it comes to marketing their new books. Simply having it published and placing it on major retailer’s websites will not yield sales. You must become an active participant in the success of your book’s sales. There are many services that can help you. The Urban Fiction Genre is producing many millionaires but you must know how to get the word out or you will be just another unknown published author in the sea of words. A previous post went over some of these marketing strategies but I will go over them again. I have found new information as always I am eager to share.


Urban Fiction Book Flyers

Unlike traditional paper flyers urban fiction book flyers are high-resolution postcards with a gloss finish. They have a picture of your book cover a brief synopsis and purchasing information. This powerful method of marketing gives authors a direct line of advertising to their target audience. It puts something tangible in the hands of your potential readers without you verbally providing a sales pitch. One of the best services out there providing authors and (every type of business owner) flyer designs with local distribution is Blazon Posts. They also offer advertising solutions which include TV marketing. I also had my other website designed by them also. Great customer service and attention to detail. The owner makes sure he brings your vision to life.


Urban Fiction Book Stubs

Book stubs are the size of a business card showing a picture of your book’s cover with a download code for your book. It allows authors to provide one free download of your ebook. Everyone loves free so this service is a great marketing strategy that will allow debut authors a chance to give potential readers or even reviewers a free copy of their book which ultimately leads to word of mouth marketing. Authors can also use book stubs as free giveaways or contest winnings. It helps create a buzz around new titles and can help with getting more attention to your titles. Booktango authors can purchase book stubs as low as $99.


Urban Fiction Press Releases

Many writers underestimate the power of press releases in spreading the word of your new title. Not only is a press release a valuable source of putting the word out there but it can also provide new authors with interview requests, book features and radio interview spots. Many press release services do not cater to the urban fiction genre so many of the genre’s authors are limited in their attempts at marketing. For a well written press release and distribution to major Urban fiction venues check out my service page.

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Book Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for self-published authors. Most of us are usually unsure on what steps they need to take, what is necessary and what is vital to their success. I have decided to dig a little deeper into one of the most under used book marketing strategies which is book trailers. I will discuss what it is and why it is a key component to your book marketing strategy and who I recommend.

What is a Book Trailer?

A book trailer is simply put a 1 to 3 minute book commercial. It provides book buyers and readers with a visual picture of your title and what they can expect from reading your work. It is also a great way to leave an impression in the minds of your potential reader also. Think back to how many commercials you have seen that have left you wanting to buy what was advertised. It’s no different for your target audience.

Why are Book Trailers Important Marketing Tools?

New authors are often lost when it comes to advertising and spreading the word about their books. They often rely on friends and family to purchase copies and don’t go any further. If your plan is to become a well-known author or even to make a part-time or full-time living from your work then you must step up your marketing game. Book trailers gives the author a platform to speak on their behalf. You don’t have to worry about how to tell the world about your book simply refer them to your trailer. Videos are quickly becoming the most popular form of information sharing. Think about how much YouTube has grown over the last few years. People love to see videos on all types of subjects. It also gives you an edge over your competition.

Are Book Trailers Expensive?

The honest truth is that they can be. However, you must know where to go for superior service without a high price tag. Many book trailer designers will charge upwards of $500 for one 3 min book trailer. But like many new authors that may be unrealistic or out of your budget. No worries though I have an affordable, high quality solution which I personally recommend.

Book Trailer Recommendations

As you all know I recently published by book “The No Bull Method to Publishing” and I decided to use a book trailer to help market and promote my ebook. I went with Book Video Creations and only paid $199 for a high quality video I am excited to share. Their customer service was incredible and they even made multiple changes per my request. I was having problems getting the domain name I wanted for my website so I needed them to update and re update my url info which they did pleasantly and without making me feel bad. To check out their work visit my website and click play.



I have been debating whether or not I would like to self-publish my book and then I ran across another option that is making me giddy with excitement. I have known about ebooks for quite some time but being old-fashioned I have always enjoyed the feeling of cozying up with a good book. The smell of the paper, flipping each page with anticipation and having a tangible copy of a good read feels familiar. However, I realized the power of the Internet and modern technology that is allowing self-published authors to reach a larger audience. According to my research Ebooks are taking the publishing world by storm and in the process creating best sellers. Hope you guys enjoy the information listed below. Happy Learning!!!

All about Ebooks

I thought it fitting that this first paragraph be dedicated to explaining the ebook. Don’t worry I won’t be to technical just enough info to give us all a clue. Ebooks are digital books. There you have it and it wasn’t that hard to swallow. It is no different from paperback or hardcovers except that it can be read through the use of an iPad, Nook, Kindle and other digital technology methods. Ebooks still require copyright information, ISBN’s and a book cover, which means it is still a book.

Ebook Benefits

I have some great news for you soon to be self-published authors working with a tight budget. Ebooks are cheaper to publish! Sites like Lulu allows you to publish an ebook for free. (This should not be attempted if you are not familiar with proper formatting) You want to avoid your book looking like something your first grader cooked up. Remember to edit your work or have a professional do it for you. I can’t stress how important editing is for new authors. Now on to the benefits!

Ebooks are cheaper and more cost efficient than going the traditional trade paperback route. The cost of a book cover can range from $99 to $300, the cost of your copyright is $35 (if done electronically) the cost of your ISBN # is $125 and a bar code is $25. We are looking at around $284 to $485 to prepare the ebook and the fee for creating the ebook, which can be free.

Other benefits include more money in your pocket. You don’t have to worry about printing or storage cost, which means pure profit. You have the ability to charge what you’d like for your ebooks and only pay a small distributor fee. New authors should price low ranging from $1.99 to $4.99 for new titles. This is because readers feel better about spending that amount for an unknown author. Once you have a readership you can adjust your pricing.

More of your budget can be spent on marketing, which means you can find more avenues to get the word out and increase your sales. Do a little research on authors in your genre to see who is reviewing their ebooks. Reach out to them to see if they would be willing to review yours. It will be easy as pie to email a link to your ebook for reviews. (Look how much we saved on postage!!!)

Getting Started

My research on Ebooks have led me to a website that is very exciting called BookRix. It allows any author whether you are new or seasoned to submit your ebook to their community for free or for sale. Their reach is 450,000 people which is a big deal. If you want it for sale they walk you through the ebook format and will also help distribute it with large retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more so worth checking it out. They charge 39.00 for each book though.

Another really cool website to visit is they offer affordable websites for authors with the option of setting up your ebook conversion for a fee starting around $99. They distribute to all major book retailers as well which is a bonus.

Happy Publishing!!!