How To Write Steamy Love Scenes

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I decided to breach this subject after reading a few stories that attempted to capture the essence of love-making in their writing. Many have failed and many have caused my temperature to rise. There is an art to writing a steamy love scene in your novel that will make your readers thirsty for more. Here is my take on it.

Love Making vs. Sex

Many romance novels try to capture love-making in the story line and it’s always “passionate” however, urban fiction tales are usually graphic displays of sex and both can be great if done correctly. When I read love scenes right away I notice two things; first I notice if the writer is uncomfortable with the subject matter and second I notice if they are being graphic for graphics sake. Both are turn off’s in my book. My philosophy is “If you’re going to breach the subject go all IN” There is a big difference between the two and capturing the right mood in your writing is important if you want to relay the message accurately.

In order to capture it properly you must first know your characters. Each of your characters should feel like living, breathing people to you their creator. When you know your character you know their love-making style and what type of lover they are. This all plays into how you craft their love scene and what emotion it will produce in its reader. If your characters are in love its hotter when you make their love-making sensual versus raunchy (unless they are trying something new) If your characters are players or bad boys with an allergy to committment it is best that you create sex scenes that reflect that. This will help if he eventually falls in love and the reader will notice the difference in his love-making.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Love Scenes

Don’t: Please don’t be shy about writing in detail. This shows and its annoying for the reader. Good writers can work their story up to a steamy love scene and don’t deliver an expected love scene. While Great writers can lead you up to a love scene and into your bedroom.

Don’t: Please don’t be explicit unless the scene calls for it. Explicit details are not necessary when characters are ‘making love’  If your characters are in love and the opportunity arises for them to show it paint the picture of love with less vulgar word choices.

Don’t: Please don’t write with the dreaded ‘and then’ ‘and then’ ‘and then.’ This should be avoided like the plague. There is nothing worse and I do mean nothing more horrible than reading a sequence of actions rather than a fluid telling of events.

Don’t: Please don’t breach the subject if it makes you uncomfortable. All stories don’t have to have a love scene so never feel like you have to. Readers can pick up on an awkward love scene because your tone changes and you use weird descriptions that don’t flow.

Do: Please do paint a picture with your words. I personally enjoy love scenes that provoke the feeling of love. If its pure love or “true love” or a soul mate kind of love than it is best to focus on that.

Do: Please do listen to love songs for motivation. This always helps me when writing love scenes and or sex scenes. Music serves a good purpose in writing as it create a mood that you can draw upon. If your love scene is a bit more raunchy or explicit you may want to find a song that will put you in the right head space.

Do: Please do remember you are still writing a story. I can’t tell you how many writers lose their voice during love scenes like the love scene is separate from the rest of the story. Remember your voice and stay consistent throughout. Don’t take your characters out of ‘character’ so to speak.

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