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The No Bull Method to Publishing: Step by Step Guide to Self-Publishing, Marketing and Promoting Your Fiction

Finally!!!!!!! The No Bull Method to Publishing is finally available.

Everything you need to know about writing, publishing, marketing and promoting your fiction and urban fiction titles. Sometimes the hardest part of recognizing your dreams is knowing where to go or what to do. This small ebook is filled with resources and actual steps on starting your writing journey

The No Bull Method to Publishing eliminates the fluff other how to gurus seem to specialize in. Only real information, real links and real steps to every part of your writing journey.

Your characters have a story to tell and there is a large audience of readers waiting to read and enjoy your story.  Now you don’t have to wonder about what to do next because it’s all in one place. All of your questions answered within the pages of this little E book. Happy writing and remember Now is the Time to have your voice heard! To reach your Full Potential and to share Your Greatness with the World!

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I want to start out thanking everyone who has already submitted their writing for the Urban fiction writing contest. I would like to also encourage everyone to participate in the contest as a way to challenge your writing ability and level of creativity.

The rules are simple just create a story rougly around 5 to 10- pages. The setting is urban or “city life” and everything else is up to you. Remember winners will receive a free copy of my E book “The No Bull Method to Publishing” A step by step guide to publishing, marketing and promoting your fiction, an interview on my blog that ranks on the first page of google, yahoo and bing search engines under my chosen keywords. (More exposure for you) and a visa gift card. As a special treat I have decided to increase the dollar amount to $50 on the gift card.

Three lucky winners will be awarded so I dare you to enter and even better I dare you to win!

Deadline to enter is 03/15/2013 and winners will be announced by April 1st Good luck and happy writing


Thinking about writing an Urban Fiction but not sure how to start? Good urban fiction writing has a few necessary elements to make it great. Sure anyone can conjure up a good tale but urban fiction is a bit different. I have studied urban fiction and know what I like to read and I’m also writing a juicy urban fiction tale titled “Platinum Dust” I will attempt to share a few tips that I’ve learned on creating a page turning urban tale.

Urban Fiction Background

When thinking about creating an urban fiction novel you must remember “urban” literally refers to the streets or the background for your story. Though I have not lived in housing projects or the ghetto I have friends who have and my neighborhood was lurking in the near distance. Street life is its own sub-culture so getting a feel for the streets is essential in this style of writing. You should know city blocks and which areas are the most dangerous if you want to capture the essence of urban fiction. Not that you need to visit the mean city streets for an in your face lesson but simply being open minded enough to hear the experiences of others who live it.

Urban Fiction Characters

Urban fiction characters are those that the reader loves to hate. They must appeal to both my interest and my disdain. A cliché character is the one that is a “good guy” trying to run from  a bad situation or the bad guy provoking bad situations. Either way your characters must reflect realism. Readers of this genre can pick up on a fake. Learn your character, I do this by writing a bit about them on a separate sheet of paper. Include who they are, where they come from and what their struggles are. This gives them a bit of reality that readers enjoy.

Urban Fiction Dialogue

This element can make or break a good story. Dialogue is important and using it correctly is vital to the tone of your story. Slang words, ebonics and bad grammar is all apart of the streets and it is welcome. Unlike traditional editing urban fiction falls under a different ball game. You can use aint and for sho (for sure) because it reads like it sounds and provides authenticity to your urban fiction writing. Readers will quickly put down your work if you use proper english in your dialogue. Crazy I know!

Urban Fiction Drama

Urban Fiction Drama is a bit more over the top than traditional tales. It is filled with he said she said, gossip, long prison sentences, baby mama drama, theft, murder and lots of adultery and cheating but these twists and turns is what the readers long to hear. Readers want the most outrageous tale, they want it to jump out at them and give them the juicy tidbits they will share with friends and family. A good writer will engage their reading audience enough to get them talking. Your book should read like “All my Children” or “As the World Turns” only in book form.

Urban Fiction Sex

Writing about sex can be very tricky especially if you’re submitting your book to a traditional publisher. You have to be more expressive with flowery words that are typically not used in an urban setting. The beauty of urban fiction sex is that you get the raw, passionate truth written explicitly. Writers must be careful though, You have to provide the reader with what they want but you must also keep your reading audience in mind. Not all readers like the juicy pornographic details and its your job to learn about your target audience. Ask readers of the genre what they want and then create your love scenes accordingly.

Urban Fiction Storyline

Now that we’ve gone over the details of what makes up an urban fiction tale the most important part of the story is its storyline. You have to tell a story it should have a clear beginning, middle and an ending. Ending  should be juicy but also provide closure not a cliffhanger unless it’s apart of a trilogy. Please avoid writing all over the place (meaning) don’t start on one scene and midway change it with no warnings. It causes confusion for your reader and if you are changing characters, use indicators.

Hope this was helpful and that you all enjoy writing your stories and getting them to your target audience!.

Finally!!!! Interview with TES author of Sweet Surrender.

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with TES the author of Sweet Surrender as well as the owner of Best Life Publishing. I hope you enjoy this interview and feel free to reach out to the author

Q: When reading your story the first thing you notice is how quickly Marcus jumps in for the kill so to speak. How did you develop your character Marcus?

The idea for his character came from several sources. I used an experience I had in a previous relationship, as well as feedback I had received from male friends in regard to how men may think and/or act in specific situations. I also referenced some of the encounters in my daily life to capture the essence of Marcus’ character. I listened to the dialogue and observed the behavior of men who reflected the social, cultural and economic demographic of Marcus’ character.

As Marcus evolves in the story, I had to keep in mind that he is a man, but it was important to flesh him out from a more raw space so that his actions, feelings and thoughts were not exclusively associated with his gender. I wanted readers to see Marcus as a person, not just as a man entangled in dilemmas of his own making.

Q: Carolyn’s character is a bit reserved in the romance department but it appears as if she has reached a state of enlightenment. When it comes to self-awareness and love were you writing from your own experiences?

Yes, to some extent. I actually decided to use some of my experiences and perspectives from the past and the present to create all of the female characters in this story (Carolyn, Faith, Kathy and Naomi). I wanted to create a balance between these women that would reflect the various ways in which women may behave, think, or feel in different situations and at different stages of maturity and self-awareness in their lives.

Q: You have a very unique writing style that provides the reader with a sense of being taught a lesson as they read. Was that your goal for your first novel?

It wasn’t my goal to teach a lesson. However, I did want to create a story that would not only entertain, but could inspire readers to look at the circumstances of their lives from a different viewpoint, deeper feeling and another way of thinking.

Q: When speaking to other writers I’m always interested in knowing what motivates them to write. What inspires your creativity?

My writing is deeply inspired by my desire to understand how certain aspects of life unfold. I’ve always been fascinated by the dynamics in all types of relationships: social, familial, romantic, and professional.  I love listening to people’s stories, observing human behavior, and finding the way in which all of it is connected at a profound level.

Q: You are also the owner of Best Life Publishing was your decision to become a publisher based on the level of difficulty many first time authors face in the publishing game?

Yes, in part, but I also want to retain creative control of my work and the product/brand I am connected to. There are advantages and disadvantages to both traditional and independent publishing, but ultimately my choice to be independent was based on the long-term goals I have for myself and Best Life Publishing.

Q: What is your advice to aspiring writers looking to make it in the publishing world?

Well, I’m fairly new to this business, but what I’ve learned so far is that authors must take the time to learn about the publishing industry in addition to studying and becoming skilled at their craft. No matter what publishing route an author may take, once a book is written there is another level of work and commitment required to get it out there. A large portion of a book’s success is based on word-of-mouth, so it’s key not only to write a good story, but to know what it takes to connect to—and build—the audience who’ll be receptive to your story. Patience, diligence, and the ability to adjust to changing dynamics will help an author endure the many challenges that will arise.

Q: What can readers expect from TES in the future?

Presently, I’m working on my next novel. This story will explore the emotional and behavioral patterns of five generations of women within one family, and uncover how of each of their individual experiences are connected and repeated throughout the family lineage. I plan to publish this story by fall 2013.

Very happy to report the coming of my new Ebook “The No Bull Method To Publishing” A step by step guide to self-publishing and marketing fiction. Throughout all of my research on the topic of self-publishing and marketing I have learned that most of the information provided is filled with fluff. A bunch of fancy yet redundant words designed to walk the reader in circles.

Tons of information on publishing is floating around that really doesn’t tell you anything. It leaves you more confused or just as uninformed as you were before. I am a true writer who seriously enjoys informing the masses on doing what they love writing! “The No Bull Method To Publishing” is a straight to the point guide that shows you each step of the publishing process and then transitions into the second phase which is effective marketing.

You get all of what you want, which is actual DIY information with exact websites and steps to follow to see your dream come to pass. You can now join the world of people actually ‘doing’ and no longer talking about their dreams.

The hardest part in the writing and publishing process is actually getting started. When given quality information with actual steps to follow anyone can be successful. “The No Bull Method to Publishing” is filled with information from the best self publishers of fiction, editors, printers, distributors and the exact marketing methods to maximize your exposure. Lists of services are provided with links to visit their websites. Just like my blog the ebook provides an extensive list of services with the exact steps to follow. No fluff, no beating around the bush only real information at your fingertips.

Please look out for my Ebook Launch Party taking place in a few weeks where free giveaways and contests will be going on for the entire day.

So I have been a way for a while (well actually I had unexpected surgery) and as a result I have a lot of free time on my hands. Free time usually means more time to read and I am beginning to notice a central theme. The theme is an uprising of horrible storytelling. There is a growing collection of new authors who write in the way of my youngest four-year old niece and then, and then and then. It is this style of writing that blatantly tells the reading audience that the writer is in fact a non reader. I never realized this before now that a great master of words learns from other master storytellers. How else can one learn to avoid the dreaded and then?

I am a sucker for a good back story and I think every character should strike a chord within its reader. It is the development of your character that compels me to turn the page. The tide of your words should pull me in and the ebb and flow of your plot should gently than tumultuously carry me to a heart stopping waterfall. Once I have been dropped from the height of your story I should then drift to shore where I am free to think over my reading experience.

A true writer understands that its book cover is the bait that reels in the reader. You only have a few precious moments to hook me with the first chapter. Once lost I am gone forever and so is any future possibility of me buying another of your titles. My tiny piece of advice for any new and upcoming authors read and then read some more. Fall in love with reading and it will show up in your writing. Master the art of storytelling and you will have a waiting audience happy to receive you.