Platinum Dust

Quick Update!!! Quick Update!!!!! Quick Update!!!!!

Platinum Dust has been signed to Just Wright Publications so it is no longer available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc… Until it is Re-released. It will then be available under both e book and paperback for all of the tangible book lovers. Thanks for your continued interest and your support. Below is a teaser.






Chapter One

The Playa’s Playground


Its one thing to talk a lot of smack, but it’s completely different to live it. See I’m that dude who keeps the ladies wet at night. Make em fall out calling on Jesus to bring em water because I’m so hot. My name is Raheim Starz and yes, that’s my real name. Tonight I’m lying in bed with my Tuesday night, and although it’s Friday, she called me begging. Her name is Kelly and she’s a red bone, tall, thin, small tits, but an ass like a donkey, so that’s why I came on through. Everybody has a preference, which usually includes the light skinned honeys at the top of the list, but my preference is the chocolate sistahs or the honey colored chicks with the thick hips. Kelly ain’t a dime, but my motto goes “Pussy don’t have a face, only a smell and a taste” so I don’t discriminate.

I could hear the water running in the bathroom next to the bedroom door, so I knew she was giving herself a quick wash down, something she should have done before I got here. I don’t claim to be God’s great gift, but I’m never pressed. My looks have carried me since I was in diapers. My 6’4 frame is appreciated by both men and women alike and my light brown complexion looks like I have a 365 day tan. My jet black hair is thick and curly, but I like to keep it in cornrows that I have done for free on an every three day basis. I’m not one to hit the gym but for dramatic effect I do 300 sit ups and 300 pushups a day to keep my body tight. My best feature is my green eyes. Yeah, I’m pretty, but don’t let my looks fool you. I’m quick to grip a nigga’s ass up. Especially if he thinks I’m soft.

“Yo Kelly, I’m about to bounce.” She was going to interfere with my original Friday and that ain’t about to happen. See Friday belongs to Felicia. Her fine ass is as dark as night. Her hair is naturally long and black with an auburn tint. Her smile is enough to get my wood excited. She has a body that God created just to show off, with a small waist, thick legs and tits that set it all off. Felicia topped everybody. I could sit and pretend she was wifey, not press her for sex, and treat her like everybody treats me. Spoiled!!!! What I like most about her is that she is funny as hell and she doesn’t sweat me like these other chicks do.

Kelly swung the bedroom door open wearing a pink tank top and white boy shorts, the ones I love, that show the bottom of her ass.

“You ain’t going nowhere,” she said, “I ain’t tell you? I’m keeping you for the night.” I decided not to correct her until after I got what I came here for. She straddled me and it was times like this that made me wish she had tits. Her hips started gyrating to a silent tune while she unbuckled my belt.

“You real happy to see me huh?” I leaned my back against the wall because she didn’t have a headboard so I could get a better look.

“I missed you baby. I get crazy when I don’t see my man.” Her man?  I couldn’t help but laugh. She was trying to claim a nigga after I already told her we’re only friends with benefits, and since I only see her once a week, it’s more benefits than friendship.

“Your man? When did I become your man?” I asked with a smile still on my face.

“When you started coming over here to fuck me.” She stopped moving and gave me a death stare. I didn’t need this shit tonight especially when I came to play. I put my arms around her waist and started kissing her on her neck. Her body as stiff as a board waiting for me to confirm that I was hers. I did what I do best and dodged the bullet.

“Listen baby right now I want to enjoy you ok? We’re gonna talk about that later.” She didn’t move for a minute, until I started kissing her neck.

“Ok but don’t fuck with me Raheim.” Or what? I thought, Tonight is the last night I’m coming over here. The mistake most men make is to lie and say they belong to somebody. I tell everybody I mess with that I don’t have a girlfriend and don’t want one. Relationships are too much drama and rules that I don’t have the patience to follow. She started getting real hype bouncing up and down and I ain’t have my pants off yet. I stood up knowing I looked good in my fresh white button down and dark blue Roca Wear jeans. She started taking my shirt off while I reached for the condoms in my pants pocket.

“You don’t need a condom tonight. I’m on the pill,” she talked through kisses on my stomach.

“That’s cool babe, but I never go out in the rain without my umbrella.” She stopped again, eyes on fire this time.

“What? You don’t trust me?”

“Hell NO!” I was dead serious I’ve been down here before. Every girl and their moms tryna have my baby. I had one girl say she had condoms only to find out that she poked 16 holes in the tip. Calling me six o’clock in the morning crying talking about “I’m pregnant” like she ain’t plan the shit. I was at her door acting like a mad man. I gripped her ass up and dragged her to the nearest clinic. I don’t believe in abortions or at least I didn’t until I realized that I would have to deal with Tanisha’s trifling ass for a life time and besides, I couldn’t love a kid knowing their mom set me up.

“Then why are you here if you don’t trust me?”

“Because you called me.”

I started buckling my belt. I just didn’t have the energy.

“Where you going?” she snapped.

“I’m gone, it’s obvious you on some other shit tonight, I didn’t come here to be aggravated” I put my Timbs back on, tucking my strings in. She started to panic.

“You don’t need to leave. I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool, some other time.” She ran over to her bedroom door trying to block it.

“Kelly move, I’ll be back next week when you’ve taken your medicine.”

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Try to play me Raheim; I said I was sorry, damn. You can wear the condom I don’t care.”

“See that’s the thing, baby girl, you turned me off, So watch yourself,” I lifted her by the waist and moved her from in front of the door. She started following me out of the apartment complex talking loud.

“Please stay, I said I was sorry,” I didn’t answer, nor did I stop, which made her act crazier.

“Don’t come back then Nigga! You leave now, I don’t want you coming back!” She tried to raise her voice, so I stopped for a moment catching the look of satisfaction on her face.

“Alright then,” I kept going and she started crying.

“Why you acting all serious? You know I’m only playing!”

I walked to my black expedition with the iced out rims and sped off. I saved myself a shower. I checked my cell phone to see how many calls I missed, most of them from my Monday and Thursday girls. They both acted desperate too and that’s why I’m about to cut them off. I pressed # 1 to speed dial Felicia she answered on the third ring anybody else and I wouldn’t have even heard the phone ring once.


“Hey, do you mind if I come over now?” I tried not to sound hype.

“Well right now my girls are here. They want to go out tonight.” I felt jealous, but I wasn’t saying nothing.
“Oh alright, maybe I’ll check you later then.”

“We’ll be at club Six-Nine; if you want you can meet me there.”

“Tell his fine ass to be there!” one of her girlfriends shouted in the background.

“You already know I don’t do the club thing. Especially Six-Nine. You too good to be going to that cheap ass place.” I didn’t mean to sound frustrated, but I wanted to see her.

“I know, and why you sounding all jealous? Last time I checked we didn’t have any strings and anyway my girl Beverly is getting married.”

“So y’all go to a club?” I knew she’d appreciate my sarcasm.

She said, “Exactly!” Before starting to laugh.

“I have to go, but I want to see you.” This drove me crazy. I hated being surrounded by a bunch of suckas who started hating as soon as my foot hit the door. Some of them tried to test me, by spilling drinks on my clothes, so they could catch me out there. But I didn’t have anything else to do and I really did want to see her.

“A’ight, about what time?” She told me to be there around eleven. I glanced at my platinum and diamond Cartier watch. I had to wait three hours. I made a quick decision to check out my aunt. She raised me and my baby brother. My mom’s crazy ass is locked up for life she killed my dad when I was twelve after she found him laid up with an Italian broad. I was done with her ass the night before when she kicked me out for looking like my pops. You heard me right eleven years old with nothing but my busted bobo’s and superman t-shirt. I cried for a long time out on the concrete steps of our apartment building before I remembered my dad’s sister. I walked seven straight hours to get to Yeadon before I reached her suburban house going purely off of memory. When I told my aunt what happened she started crying and dialed my mom on the phone calling her every bitch in the book. She had custody over me and my brother a year later.


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