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Occasionally I go off the familiar path and write on a topic that lights my fire and the topic of self promotion has done just that. Now I would like to start by saying self-promotion and spam are two different things (at least to me anyway) I will try to make sense of the two and hopefully we all are clear by the end of the post.

I was recently talking with a friend who mentioned how much they hate people sending them emails about their products and or services. However, she is a new business owner and was asking my help on possible marketing and advertising ideas to help promote “HER” project. This piqued my interest and upset me all at the same time. Simply because she doesn’t like others to promote their work but want the world to care about her and her project.


Spam as it relates to writing is an undesirable attempt at attracting attention to ones self with the sole intent to benefit and not provide anything to its recipients. Spam can come in the form of posting your advertisements with little regard to how others feel about it or if they are even interested in what you are offering.


Self-promotion as it relates to writing means sharing your accomplishments with other like minds by inviting them or asking if they would be interested in viewing your content.

My Opinion on Self-Promotion

To me its a shame to have a world filled with talented people and for them to not have an opportunity to share it with the world. I think letting others know about your work is good as long as it is in a sharing platform or if you are asking permission to share. I also think people are a bit shallow as we really don’t want to hear about what others are doing but want others to hear about our projects. We have to find clever, creative and inventive marketing methods to cater to this shallowness.

Spending years, months or weeks working on projects just to not have anyone care seems harsh or cruel to me. I know that everyone is not going to all care about the same things so self-promotion should be targeted hence the reason marketing campaigns are so expensive. I have always been the type of person who loves to receive information and love to share it. I also like providing people with the most how-to information while at the same time-sharing what I am doing.

Now I am not oblivious to the fact that people have the ability to bombard one another with their works but I am not annoyed by it simply because I “get” being excited about something you’ve slaved over or are passionate about. What do you think? What is wrong with self promotion? Please share your thoughts please by commenting below.

If anyone is interested in a self promotion forum where writers can come to share their recent projects, events and what’s going on with them please tell me so

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I want to start out thanking everyone who has already submitted their writing for the Urban fiction writing contest. I would like to also encourage everyone to participate in the contest as a way to challenge your writing ability and level of creativity.

The rules are simple just create a story rougly around 5 to 10- pages. The setting is urban or “city life” and everything else is up to you. Remember winners will receive a free copy of my E book “The No Bull Method to Publishing” A step by step guide to publishing, marketing and promoting your fiction, an interview on my blog that ranks on the first page of google, yahoo and bing search engines under my chosen keywords. (More exposure for you) and a visa gift card. As a special treat I have decided to increase the dollar amount to $50 on the gift card.

Three lucky winners will be awarded so I dare you to enter and even better I dare you to win!

Deadline to enter is 03/15/2013 and winners will be announced by April 1st Good luck and happy writing


There is a growing popularity in the urban fiction genre that is leaving many traditional publishers dumbfounded. Urban fiction is like a guilty pleasure, you know its bad for you but you just can’t look away. Filled with more twists and turns than a roller coaster, more sex and action than a fast paced movie, urban tales is making its mark. If you are looking to publish your book without going the self publishing route you can look for a few urban publishers that have made a huge impression in the game. Stiff competition means taking it up a notch and following rigorous submission guidelines if you want to be seen. With a close ear to the street I’ve discovered some of the best urban fiction publishers to submit to. I have also come a cross a few not so good publishers. Either way I mention them both.

Urban Fiction Publisher: Triple Crown Publications

If you read urban fiction than you have more than likely come across a title published by this powerhouse. Triple Crown Publications is run by Vicki Stringer and has published some of the most compelling titles like Contagious and A Hustler’s son. However, to become an author you have to submit your title already bound and wait for an answer that could get to you one year later. Many authors thought they reached the publishing mountain top when they signed a contract with the world’s most known urban fiction publisher but…. An increasing amount of rumors from signed authors are starting to circulate that  Ms. Stringer doesn’t pay her royalties. Some authors have gone on to say they received bad checks. More information on this upsetting behavior can be found on Mohaganie’s blog as well. Though the powerhouse can sell your title you may not reap any benefit when it does.

Urban Fiction Publishers: The Cartel Publications

This publishing house was started by T-Styles an ex-writer and terribly scorned author of Triple Crown publications. This publishing house only accepts works of pure urban fiction, which means your story must be primarily dealt in an urban setting. It must include true to life characters that represent the streets they live in. Response can take up to six months and if you are going to send in your manuscript it should be a complete finished copy. In different words the manuscript you send should already be edited for grammatical errors and should also be print ready. There are no known complaints about the The Cartel Publications and most importantly no scorned authors.

Urban Fiction Publishers: Urban Books

Urban books is currently under construction but have been known to provide the streets with its fair share of urban fiction titles. Carl Weber is the owner of Urban Books and has hit the top of the New York Times best seller’s list a time or two. The website is listed as under construction and only provides an email address to send in queries. Authors looking for a good fit can still browse his book line up to get an idea of the type of work accepted. No known royalty complaints or unsatisfied authors which is always a good thing.

Urban Fiction Publishers: Write One Publications

Write One Publications is a relatively new publishing house specializing in works of fiction. It was first started by Stephanie Newell back in 2008 and provides soon-to-be writers both publishing and marketing services. If you aren’t interested in publishing with Write One Publications you can get your manuscript critiqued. They are currently accepting submissions but it is only done electronically. Before submitting a complete manuscript you must send a query email with the first chapter included.

Urban Fiction Publishers: Good2Go Publishing

Good2Go Publishing was founded by Silk White a well-known urban fiction author. He is most known for his trilogy “Tears of a Hustler” As of 2012 this publishing house is accepting urban fiction novels. Urban fiction writers who submit their work can expect to hear back within one to six months. Benefits of this publishing house is their built-in marketing team that works hard to get your fiction into the hands of the reader. They accept both print and electronic submissions. So far this publishing house has only published works written by co-owner Silk White. He’s done a great job getting his name out there so it may be worth it giving his publishing company a try.

Urban Fiction Publishers: W.Clark Publishing

Wahida Clark has gone from ex-con to New York Times best seller, Essence Best seller, USA today best seller with her Thug love fiction. This publishing house works primarily with writers of fiction including urban, erotica and mystery and requests authors send in two copies of their completed manuscript. This will provide a faster turn around. Where other publishing companies request the first three chapters this publishing company requests the first five.

Urban Fiction Publishers: Life Changing Books LLC

Last but not least in this to be continued blog is Life Changing Books LLC. Started in 2003 with titles that include The Dirty Divorce and The Available Wife. This publishing house accepts submissions of urban fiction and sexy urban tales that leave readers excitedly flipping the page. It was started by Azarel another hot urban fiction writer and has grown throughout the years adding numerous best-selling hits. Submissions are currently being accepted with the first four chapters as a requirement. No disgruntled authors have been reported so giving them a go is taking a step toward literary success.

These are only a few of the publishers taking on new unknown authors in the urban fiction genre. None of the above listed require any fees to submit. They also do not require the author to pay to be published. However, authors are expected to do their part in the marketing and promoting of their work. This is generally expected of everyone who is published. Good luck and please stay inspired to do what you love. Don’t stop until you see your name in lights and then turn around and educate others following your path on this crazy road to success.

I am continuing this how to become a best-selling fiction author post as I have a bit more ideas for becoming a best-selling author. I have followed a few of my favorite authors through interviews and research to find out what worked for them. Every strategy isn’t going to work for everyone but it is all worth a try.


We all know the power of a good review whether it’s for a product or service and even books. People generally believe the opinion of others when looking for an item and books are no different. You can find reviewers by searching through Amazon under your genre. Usually the reviewers name is listed beside their entry you can then visit their page and send a query.Your query should be simple and to the point. Only mention your name, book title and if it would be ok for you to send them a copy of your title for review.

To maximize the power of a good review please be sure your finished product is fully edited. The reviewer will not hesitate to mention how poorly written your work is. This is especially true for self-published authors. Make sure your cover page is eye-catching they judge this also. You can also do a search for book review services in google and submit your work to a few of these sites. Be sure to follow their instructions for book submission. You don’t want to offend the reviewer!

Low Cost Advertising

Find retail websites dedicated to your genre and buy affordable banners or book cover spots on their webpage. This is effective simply because you are presenting your book before a searching audience. They are on their favorite websites looking for a new book to read. Why not  your book? Most banner ads cost about $25 to $35 per week unless you purchase a month which could run you around $150.00. Another low to no cost advertising is finding internet radio stations that discuss your topic or your book’s genre. Many of these radio stations are eager to interview new authors.

Press Release

This is the most effective and often overlooked method of promoting your work. Press releases announce the presence of your book. It puts the word out and can also provide you with interview opportunities. It will increase your website traffic and potentially boost your sales.

The other day I asked a fellow writer/friend why were they writing. I asked was she writing for self-satisfaction or if she was writing to get paid for her creativity. Of course she stated she wanted to be paid, who doesn’t? if you are serious about your craft you will look for new ways to put your work in the hands of your audience. Do not think outside of the box but reinvent it!!!