Marketing and promoting urban fiction can be fun and exciting as it allows you to experiment with different strategies and marketing avenues. Urban fiction authors got their start simply by selling their work from the back of their vehicles. It’s this hustlers spirit that has changed the game and put a lot of unknown authors at the top of the book selling list. Urban fiction authors can’t think inside of the box as the urban story is not your traditional fiction. Characters are bigger than life, filled with attitude and follow their own unconventional paths to success. Below is a list of

Street Vendors

Many unconventional avenues for marketing urban fiction includes connecting with local street vendors in your area to have them sell your works of fiction at their booths. Don’t be afraid to offer deep discounts or even half off. Consider it an investment. Though you want to make money with your new urban fiction title you first need to get your name out. Having your book sold to street vendors at half price will allow them to push the sales of your book, which gets you a little recognition and they can make a little money charging full price. If the book does well the vendor will contact you for more copies.

Word of Mouth

Many traditional publishers know that word of mouth marketing is the best marketing there is. This is especially true in the urban fiction genre. Readers of street lit pass good reads around like a cigarette. Don’t be afraid to give a few friends at work a copy of your book for free. Tell them its ok to pass it along if they find they like it. Pretty soon your book will be circulating around the unofficial book club better known as your job. If you have friends and family who love the genre give them a copy or two for free and have them pass it along to their circle of friends. When readers start talking about books others rush to get in on the action. Word of mouth marketing has made many a millionaire. Look at Justin Bieber (A YouTube success turned multi-millionaire)

African-American Bookstores

The urban fiction genre has come up so quickly that it is now the bread and butter for a lot of bookstores including large retailers. Connect with a few local bookstores in your area to see if they would be willing to stock your book on their shelves. Inform them of your marketing strategy and that you will be willing to include their store name and address on some of your marketing materials. This will make them more confident about saying yes. Store owners want better yet need to make sales to keep their doors open to the public. The best sales strategy is to show the buyer what they stand to gain from your product or service. In this case they stand to gain free advertising, a great new product with a hungry audience.


Poster ads are great visual methods to getting the word out about your book. Book posters should have a cover shot of your book with information on where it is sold. Placement of your poster ad is key to your success. High foot traffic is good but high foot traffic in urban areas is better. You want to place your poster ads in locations were your reader frequents. Subliminally people remember reading things they see on a daily basis. Bus terminals, corner stores, night clubs are all great locations and generally get high foot traffic in urban areas. In todays tech-savvy world people are able to google your title or go direct to Amazon to order and read the ebook version of your book instantly.

No matter how you get the word out about your new book think creatively. This always pays off in the end. One of my many mantra’s says that if I can sell another man’s product I can damn sure sell my own.

  1. Bakeer says:

    all very helpful ideas. i also like to promote my urban fiction Addicted 2 Thuggin’ on sites like

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