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I love a good story especially one that is written by a great storyteller. Two Way Mirrors appeared to be a story of a young woman in love with the typical bad boy but readers soon find out that is all on the surface. The story follows the tale of Angela Delimar a young lady who shares a close bond with her mother, is in love with her incarcerated bad boy and does things she doesn’t care for the world to know. Through a series of events which include deep family secrets and breathtaking brutality Angela finds herself fighting for not only her life but for her sanity. She is in a race to find out the one woman who can expose the truth and help Angela heal but will the ever elusive stranger come from out of the shadows long enough?

I loved how well the story was told. There were scenes that literally had me flipping the pages anxious to know what would happen next. There were also some scenes I could have lived without such as excessive details at the most inappropriate times. Overall I would rank Two Way Mirrors a 4 star **** read and I think it’s a read that doesn’t disappoint. Excited to see what else this author can come up with.

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Just a quick blurb as I have been getting tons of emails with authors asking very good questions. Questions have been ranging from where can they find a good editor, can I recommend a good cover designer, how can they spread the word about their new books? Many of these answers can be found by searching through my previous posts as I try to cover many of these topics for everyone. However, The NO Bull Method to Publishing is also available if you’d like to have all of the information right at your fingertips. Thanks again everyone and much success on your literary journey!!!!

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As I am always excited to share news and going on’s of Urban Fiction News. UFN was recently nominated for the 2013 Black Weblog Awards with the winner to be announced on November 02, 2013. I wanted to take a moment and say a special thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, left a comment, sent in a review request or even emailed me.

My goal is and has always been to even up the playing field for writers by giving them real information and real resources. Knowledge really is power and the more you know the better your odds of success. I love providing book reviews and truly feel humbled that writers wish to share their “babies” with me. For years self-published authors were at a disadvantage and were not taken seriously. This was true because traditional publishers had access to resources and services not available to everyone else. This is especially true for Urban Fiction authors, where the genre was shunned and told it had no market.

I believe any writer wishing to pursue a career in the literary world should and can. Urban Fiction News will always thrive to be your #1 resource and to make sure indie/self-published authors become more and more competitive. I am always open to hearing your needs  as well as going the distance to provide resources you didn’t know you needed.


I wanted to keep my loyal readers, authors and followers updated on the happenings of Urban Fiction News. Being an author takes A LOT of hard work, energy, diligence, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears. It invokes labor pains, loss of friendships, marital discord and I can go on and on (I promise) however, it won’t be in vain. Urban Fiction News is taking things a bit further by crossing over into an online magazine.

Not only will authors have a new platform to promote their books and book covers but will all have an opportunity to participate in book trailer wars, (competitions) author spotlights, interviews and so much more. Authors interested in being one of the first to be interviewed on the online magazine platform should email me @ I am extremely dedicated to spreading the news of up and coming Indie/self-published authors who may otherwise not have a place to be seen or heard. The online magazine will always provide real information and resources to any fiction writer especially those writing Urban Fiction.

The key to more book sales is exposure and the road to success means making your books more visible to the public. If knowledge is power don’t knowingly remain powerless. Urban Fiction News plans to be the biggest resource provider for authors and readers of fiction. Period!

Excited about the move and hope to see you all there!!

Another great feature to be released on Urban Fiction News is “EXCUSE ME, YOUR CRAZY IS SHOWING”


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Everyone who has read my book review on “When Everything isn’t Enough” written by Ed Wyns knows that I am now a fan of his work. I loved it so much I had to interview the author. Hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I do!

UFN: You’re the author of “When Everything Isn’t Enough” An uncommon story based on the male perspective of infertility. What prompted you to write on the subject?

EW: Simply put, this is a story that either hasn’t been told enough, if at all. After getting the idea, I researched the subject, and couldn’t find one novel on infertility that was written from the male’s perspective.

UFN: Your main character David Tanner could almost be considered a typical male teen outside of his early introduction to sex. He often wars with himself on being both a gentlemen and a playboy. Was the war deliberate early on in your story to help create a sense of who he would become?

EW: It was definitely deliberate. I used the female influences in David’s life to counter the “bad” or “negative” influences of his four cousins, thereby creating David’s internal war. It’s possible that David could have matured into the man that he would become without the female influences. But would the character development have been believable, probably not.

UFN: I enjoyed the strong female leads in your book and thought it was important that not all female characters be portrayed as loose or extremely promiscuous. I feel you balanced the female characters well. Did you find it difficult to write from both a male and female perspective in your story?

EW: When I started When Everything Isn’t Enough, writing from a female’s perspective was a concern of mine. My goal was to write the best story possible. A story in which it didn’t matter that I was a male writing from a female’s perspective, any more than it mattered that I was male writing from a male’s perspective. If a female reader finishes When Everything Isn’t Enough, and says, “I loved David’s Character because I could relate to…” Or a male reader finishes and says, “I could relate to Mia’s Strength because…” then I’ve done my job as a writer. I’m an avid reader; the best writers for me are the writers that can write from the opposite sex’s perspective, and do it convincingly.

UFN: Books are like babies, needing to be nurtured and groomed before it is ready to be birthed and presented to the world. How long did it take you to write your ‘baby?’

EW: You are absolutely correct; books are like babies and require a great deal of nurturing and grooming. From conception to birth it took a little over three years. The first version of When Everything Isn’t Enough was a 630 page Word Document. For obvious reasons I had to cut a lot of material, which was harder than writing the story. I thought everything was important to the story and that I had to have every word of the original version (smile).

 UFN: How long have you been writing and what type of reader do you believe your work appeals to?

EW: I’ve been writing for over 20 years. I believe that each body of work appeals to different people for different reasons. Although When Everything Isn’t Enough is an Urban Fiction novel; I’m of the opinion that this is something that almost anyone can relate to. Infertility isn’t a Black or White issue, it’s not a rich or poor issue, or even an American or (insert nationality here) issue. It’s a human issue that touches all walks of life. The issue of not wanting children, abusing children, and being a parent in name only are all human issues.  I can go down the list of issues or topics that I covered, and I honestly believe that almost anyone can or should be able to relate to something in this novel.

UFN: What are you currently working on and most importantly when is the sequel to “When Everything Isn’t Enough” being released?

EW: I am currently working on the sequel, My Last Breath, and my goal is to release it the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

UFN:  How can readers, fans and reviewers find you? Are you available for book club readings and Q&A sessions?

EW: I am definitely available for readings and Q&A sessions. I love talking about this story and welcome any and every opportunity to do so. I can be found at and on Facebook under Ed Wyns.

Well it has been a pleasure interviewing you and I personally look forward to reading more of your work.

The pleasure has been all mine, thank you for your time, and for reviewing When Everything Isn’t Enough!



Despite the unappetizing book cover the story is good enough to sink your teeth into.  This short story gives readers an inside look into a collection of ex-military men on a mission. It’s very real depiction of Chicago street life is picked straight from the headlines. The story starts off on a train station and quickly leads to a bout of payback on the cities notorious criminals. The mission is simple to eliminate criminals that beat, or avoid justice. What I found most interesting about the author’s writing style is his narrative. I felt myself comparing the narrative to my favorite show “Burn Notice”

Its style is very descriptive, almost like they are trying to tell you a secret so you had better lean close enough to hear or you just might miss it. Overall all I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to any reader looking for a bit more insight into Chicago street life and how easily things could be handled if ex-military decided to get involved. The only things I found a bit disturbing was how the author occasionally spoke directly to the reader. This could be a bit off-putting but other than that a great read.  I would have also liked to see him provide more details into the lives of each character or at least the main character.

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If you are looking for a grisly tale that will cause you to cover your mouth and shudder with disbelief than take a look at “Who am I? The Chronicles of Cain” The story starts off with a bloody telling of the death of our main character’s parents. It quickly leads you down the path of mystery, betrayal and death that can only be told by a cold-blooded killer hardened by past and present experiences. Cain walks his reader into a guessing game that had me on the edge of my seat. My wanting turned into a need that drove me to complete this story.  I was often taken aback by the sheer graphic details of Cain’s ruthless and brutal methods of murder. His name carries enough weight that grown men shudder and plead at the thought of being on his bad side. His bad side is the one place no one is considered safe.

Overall I would rate this story a must read. It isn’t for the faint of heart or people with weak stomachs. You get a raw story not painted with pretty words. The author does an excellent job of igniting fear in the hearts of their reader and I often thought how I would react if faced with the very mysterious, charismatic and highly dangerous main character Cain. I loved how the author ended each chapter with a slightly poetic letter written by the main character. The only thing I could live without was the many metaphors used in the story. The story itself was good enough to stand without the metaphoric comparisons. Non the less it is a book you will want to read a few times as it has the “learn something new” effect many books lack today.

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