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Q: Your story “The Quest within Me” has touched me in such a way that I wanted to speak with you. How did you come to the conclusion that you needed to work on finding both your own definition of peace and happiness?

A: Figuring out what peace and happiness meant to me was the beginning of my quest. Before a person can arrive at a final destination, they have to figure out where they are going. This is why I believe a person cannot have peace and/or happiness in their life until they define what these things mean to them. I spent years trying to find joy in my life from material things, status, and finally relationships. After years of searching for happiness in those places I was left with a sense of emptiness in my life. It was not until I looked inside myself that I began finding the answers I badly desired.

Q: Many individuals find themselves in a lost place, a place that doesn’t make much sense in life. Did you experience an epiphany or moment that clicked and you said “now this is all making sense to me?”

A: Prior to moving to Maryland, I always kept myself busy. Keeping myself occupied with work, parties, etc. allowed me to ignore inner feelings I badly needed to address and/or let go. It was easier for me to ignore these feelings than to confront them. Once I moved to Maryland almost immediately things fell apart with the woman I was seeing at that particular time, I was not working, and I was all alone. I’ll be honest with you; this was a very depressing time for me. During this period, I read a bible verse that really spoke to me. Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” For me, the verse meant in order to walk the path God intends for you one must clear hate, anger, fear from his/her heart. It’s funny to me how I thought the universe was punishing me for something because of the situation I was placed in, but being isolated from everyone and everything was exactly what I needed to discover what was preventing me from having peace and happiness in my life.

Q: I think what resonated with me was the moment in your journey that caused you to speak with your father. You came to him in such a nonjudgmental way and started off the conversation with I forgive you for. To me that was extremely powerful because when we are hurt we often point a defensive finger at the wrong-doer. How difficult was it for you to go to your father and confess your ill feelings?

A: You brought up a great point about not being judgmental. Many people do not realize things they have done affect others in the way that it does, so a lot of times a person won’t even realize they are a wrong-doer. We as a people (me included) have to work on addressing issues as they occur and not waiting days/months/years.  Also, we must address these issues without judging and pointing fingers, which is easier said than done.

It was very difficult for me to finally speak with my father, which is why I avoided having that conversation for so long. I knew it needed to be done, so I finally did it. A lot of times people will express their feelings to another and because the wrong-doer does not apologize in the manner the person believes he/she should, this person never truly forgives the wrong-doer. This is why I wanted to start my conversation off by forgiving my father. I felt just how powerful this gesture was immediately. I mean instantly my face was covered in tears.

Q: What lesson or lessons would you say you’ve learned the most from? Though your journey came to a conclusion in your book would you say in some ways you are still on that journey?

A:  Life is always teaching us something. Granted, every lesson will not be life changing, but each day has the potential to produce multiple positive takeaways.

Every lesson in The Quest Within Me was unexpected. I started off with only four stories, and every few days/months something significant would happen. I kept writing and next thing I knew I completed a book, so the book may have concluded but the journey will continue to go on. I actually began working on another Non-Fiction book called My Quest to Love. Readers are really going to connect with this book because it’s an in-depth look into relationships from knowing exactly what you are looking for in a counterpart to actually being in the relationship.

Q: I know that the Quest within Me is your debut non-fiction book but can readers expect to see any fiction in your literary lineup?

A: There is an idea I’ve played around with in my head, and I really wanted to do something with it. I shared my pitch with a few close friends and they all said, “You need to write that book!!” Needless to say, I will make this project happen.

Q: Where can readers find a copy of your debut non-fiction or contact you for questions or book club discussions?

A: The Quest Within Me is available for purchase online @,,, and/or iTunes. I will be sure to attach the links below along with my contact information.

Before we wrap up this interview I want to express my most sincere appreciation. Even though you don’t normally review Non-Fiction you made an exception for my book, and that meant the world to me. Thank You!!


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As I am always excited to share news and going on’s of Urban Fiction News. UFN was recently nominated for the 2013 Black Weblog Awards with the winner to be announced on November 02, 2013. I wanted to take a moment and say a special thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, left a comment, sent in a review request or even emailed me.

My goal is and has always been to even up the playing field for writers by giving them real information and real resources. Knowledge really is power and the more you know the better your odds of success. I love providing book reviews and truly feel humbled that writers wish to share their “babies” with me. For years self-published authors were at a disadvantage and were not taken seriously. This was true because traditional publishers had access to resources and services not available to everyone else. This is especially true for Urban Fiction authors, where the genre was shunned and told it had no market.

I believe any writer wishing to pursue a career in the literary world should and can. Urban Fiction News will always thrive to be your #1 resource and to make sure indie/self-published authors become more and more competitive. I am always open to hearing your needs  as well as going the distance to provide resources you didn’t know you needed.


I wanted to keep my loyal readers, authors and followers updated on the happenings of Urban Fiction News. Being an author takes A LOT of hard work, energy, diligence, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears. It invokes labor pains, loss of friendships, marital discord and I can go on and on (I promise) however, it won’t be in vain. Urban Fiction News is taking things a bit further by crossing over into an online magazine.

Not only will authors have a new platform to promote their books and book covers but will all have an opportunity to participate in book trailer wars, (competitions) author spotlights, interviews and so much more. Authors interested in being one of the first to be interviewed on the online magazine platform should email me @ I am extremely dedicated to spreading the news of up and coming Indie/self-published authors who may otherwise not have a place to be seen or heard. The online magazine will always provide real information and resources to any fiction writer especially those writing Urban Fiction.

The key to more book sales is exposure and the road to success means making your books more visible to the public. If knowledge is power don’t knowingly remain powerless. Urban Fiction News plans to be the biggest resource provider for authors and readers of fiction. Period!

Excited about the move and hope to see you all there!!

Another great feature to be released on Urban Fiction News is “EXCUSE ME, YOUR CRAZY IS SHOWING”


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Everyone who has read my book review on “When Everything isn’t Enough” written by Ed Wyns knows that I am now a fan of his work. I loved it so much I had to interview the author. Hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I do!

UFN: You’re the author of “When Everything Isn’t Enough” An uncommon story based on the male perspective of infertility. What prompted you to write on the subject?

EW: Simply put, this is a story that either hasn’t been told enough, if at all. After getting the idea, I researched the subject, and couldn’t find one novel on infertility that was written from the male’s perspective.

UFN: Your main character David Tanner could almost be considered a typical male teen outside of his early introduction to sex. He often wars with himself on being both a gentlemen and a playboy. Was the war deliberate early on in your story to help create a sense of who he would become?

EW: It was definitely deliberate. I used the female influences in David’s life to counter the “bad” or “negative” influences of his four cousins, thereby creating David’s internal war. It’s possible that David could have matured into the man that he would become without the female influences. But would the character development have been believable, probably not.

UFN: I enjoyed the strong female leads in your book and thought it was important that not all female characters be portrayed as loose or extremely promiscuous. I feel you balanced the female characters well. Did you find it difficult to write from both a male and female perspective in your story?

EW: When I started When Everything Isn’t Enough, writing from a female’s perspective was a concern of mine. My goal was to write the best story possible. A story in which it didn’t matter that I was a male writing from a female’s perspective, any more than it mattered that I was male writing from a male’s perspective. If a female reader finishes When Everything Isn’t Enough, and says, “I loved David’s Character because I could relate to…” Or a male reader finishes and says, “I could relate to Mia’s Strength because…” then I’ve done my job as a writer. I’m an avid reader; the best writers for me are the writers that can write from the opposite sex’s perspective, and do it convincingly.

UFN: Books are like babies, needing to be nurtured and groomed before it is ready to be birthed and presented to the world. How long did it take you to write your ‘baby?’

EW: You are absolutely correct; books are like babies and require a great deal of nurturing and grooming. From conception to birth it took a little over three years. The first version of When Everything Isn’t Enough was a 630 page Word Document. For obvious reasons I had to cut a lot of material, which was harder than writing the story. I thought everything was important to the story and that I had to have every word of the original version (smile).

 UFN: How long have you been writing and what type of reader do you believe your work appeals to?

EW: I’ve been writing for over 20 years. I believe that each body of work appeals to different people for different reasons. Although When Everything Isn’t Enough is an Urban Fiction novel; I’m of the opinion that this is something that almost anyone can relate to. Infertility isn’t a Black or White issue, it’s not a rich or poor issue, or even an American or (insert nationality here) issue. It’s a human issue that touches all walks of life. The issue of not wanting children, abusing children, and being a parent in name only are all human issues.  I can go down the list of issues or topics that I covered, and I honestly believe that almost anyone can or should be able to relate to something in this novel.

UFN: What are you currently working on and most importantly when is the sequel to “When Everything Isn’t Enough” being released?

EW: I am currently working on the sequel, My Last Breath, and my goal is to release it the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

UFN:  How can readers, fans and reviewers find you? Are you available for book club readings and Q&A sessions?

EW: I am definitely available for readings and Q&A sessions. I love talking about this story and welcome any and every opportunity to do so. I can be found at and on Facebook under Ed Wyns.

Well it has been a pleasure interviewing you and I personally look forward to reading more of your work.

The pleasure has been all mine, thank you for your time, and for reviewing When Everything Isn’t Enough!




Q: Legacy Publishing Grp is spearheaded by none other than Michael McGrew. How did you get started in the Urban Fiction publishing game?

As a youth my grandmother used to read Donald Goines books all the time so reading has always been in my family but didn’t get into the game until 2008 after deciding to write for a living. Urban Fiction to me is the gritty reality of the black community. Similar to the ghettos of little Italy and the mob stories. It’s just our tale of the street. Starting my journey was a challenge though and I learned a lot to get where I am today.

Q: It must also be noted that you are the author of such titles as “My kinda Girl” “Room 111” and “Taking Losses.” Being an urban fiction writer means you understand its challenges. Where do you see urban fiction going in the future?

I see urban fiction diversifying into more colorful characters and optimistic backgrounds. The drug dealer plot lines are thinning and getting too boring. The game needs change like life as it progresses in my opinion.

Q: When reading your bio which can be found on I noted a few of your struggles which it seems are paramount in writing a good urban fiction story. Would you say your past has made you a better writer?

I would think so, before I began writing I would consider my experiences as research, so yes it has and definitely getting better.

Q: Is Legacy Publishing Grp only interested in publishing urban fiction titles?

Not at all, in fact we’re moving forward with children’s, self improvement and teen fiction titles.

Q: What can viewers expect from you in the coming years?

Great success, with our relationships growing in Hollywood we are positioning the company to transition into film and television also while maintaining a leading position in trade paperback sales as well.

Q: Where can authors and readers of urban fiction find out more about your publishing company?

For more info please check us out at

It’s been great having you on Urban Fiction News Any last words of wisdom?

The Mind of The Person is Often Unknown to The Person Who Has the Mind. Be who you choose to be but be prepared for challenges, rejection and the doubt that may attempt to throw you off course. It’s a test to see if you deserve to board the vessel of your blessing.


Once in a while there is a book that provokes so many emotions I can’t keep up. When Everything Isn’t Enough is just that type of book. I read the story in a matter of a days which is a big feat with the amount of requests I receive on a daily basis not to mention my full time work schedule and family obligations. This story had me at hello, I was pulled in immediately with the author’s compelling writing style. The story follows an adolescent David Tanner through family trouble, x-rated sexual encounters and into the arms of his one true love Mia Collins. The young couple grows together over the years and find themselves living the American Dream. That is until the young couple decides to get pregnant. I must admit I was a bit skeptical with the direction of the story leaning toward male infertility. I wasn’t sure where the author was going to lead me.

I yelled at the characters, I flipped pages with the speed of light and I almost skipped meals to finish it. I don’t like giving spoilers but this book will definitely have you writing the author asking them to hurry up and publish the sequel. I would definitely give this book an A+. My only recommendation would be to reduce the amount of time spent on the younger years to leave more room for the characters as adults. I also thought the dialogue was a bit unrealistic during their teen years would have loved for it to be a bit more youthful.

Overall, this book is a quality read and would be enjoyed by lovers of any genre. This eloquently told tale is a must read and would compliment your reading back log.

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