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Q: Your story “The Quest within Me” has touched me in such a way that I wanted to speak with you. How did you come to the conclusion that you needed to work on finding both your own definition of peace and happiness?

A: Figuring out what peace and happiness meant to me was the beginning of my quest. Before a person can arrive at a final destination, they have to figure out where they are going. This is why I believe a person cannot have peace and/or happiness in their life until they define what these things mean to them. I spent years trying to find joy in my life from material things, status, and finally relationships. After years of searching for happiness in those places I was left with a sense of emptiness in my life. It was not until I looked inside myself that I began finding the answers I badly desired.

Q: Many individuals find themselves in a lost place, a place that doesn’t make much sense in life. Did you experience an epiphany or moment that clicked and you said “now this is all making sense to me?”

A: Prior to moving to Maryland, I always kept myself busy. Keeping myself occupied with work, parties, etc. allowed me to ignore inner feelings I badly needed to address and/or let go. It was easier for me to ignore these feelings than to confront them. Once I moved to Maryland almost immediately things fell apart with the woman I was seeing at that particular time, I was not working, and I was all alone. I’ll be honest with you; this was a very depressing time for me. During this period, I read a bible verse that really spoke to me. Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” For me, the verse meant in order to walk the path God intends for you one must clear hate, anger, fear from his/her heart. It’s funny to me how I thought the universe was punishing me for something because of the situation I was placed in, but being isolated from everyone and everything was exactly what I needed to discover what was preventing me from having peace and happiness in my life.

Q: I think what resonated with me was the moment in your journey that caused you to speak with your father. You came to him in such a nonjudgmental way and started off the conversation with I forgive you for. To me that was extremely powerful because when we are hurt we often point a defensive finger at the wrong-doer. How difficult was it for you to go to your father and confess your ill feelings?

A: You brought up a great point about not being judgmental. Many people do not realize things they have done affect others in the way that it does, so a lot of times a person won’t even realize they are a wrong-doer. We as a people (me included) have to work on addressing issues as they occur and not waiting days/months/years.  Also, we must address these issues without judging and pointing fingers, which is easier said than done.

It was very difficult for me to finally speak with my father, which is why I avoided having that conversation for so long. I knew it needed to be done, so I finally did it. A lot of times people will express their feelings to another and because the wrong-doer does not apologize in the manner the person believes he/she should, this person never truly forgives the wrong-doer. This is why I wanted to start my conversation off by forgiving my father. I felt just how powerful this gesture was immediately. I mean instantly my face was covered in tears.

Q: What lesson or lessons would you say you’ve learned the most from? Though your journey came to a conclusion in your book would you say in some ways you are still on that journey?

A:  Life is always teaching us something. Granted, every lesson will not be life changing, but each day has the potential to produce multiple positive takeaways.

Every lesson in The Quest Within Me was unexpected. I started off with only four stories, and every few days/months something significant would happen. I kept writing and next thing I knew I completed a book, so the book may have concluded but the journey will continue to go on. I actually began working on another Non-Fiction book called My Quest to Love. Readers are really going to connect with this book because it’s an in-depth look into relationships from knowing exactly what you are looking for in a counterpart to actually being in the relationship.

Q: I know that the Quest within Me is your debut non-fiction book but can readers expect to see any fiction in your literary lineup?

A: There is an idea I’ve played around with in my head, and I really wanted to do something with it. I shared my pitch with a few close friends and they all said, “You need to write that book!!” Needless to say, I will make this project happen.

Q: Where can readers find a copy of your debut non-fiction or contact you for questions or book club discussions?

A: The Quest Within Me is available for purchase online @,,, and/or iTunes. I will be sure to attach the links below along with my contact information.

Before we wrap up this interview I want to express my most sincere appreciation. Even though you don’t normally review Non-Fiction you made an exception for my book, and that meant the world to me. Thank You!!


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Just like the name implies a publicist’s sole responsibility is to publicize your work or build your brand. They are the reason celebrities become famous. They are the behind the scenes workers getting interviews, spreading buzz worthy tales and making sure the people who moves and shakes have you in their direct line of vision. How does this relate to an author? Very simple without a great product, a marketing plan and enough buzz created around your book it will become a pretty little wall flower on a wall filled with wall flowers. An added benefit is that most book publicist will read your book and if they are sold on it they are adamant about pushing your success. What can a publicist do for you that you can’t do for yourself? Well unless you have a long list of contacts and industry insiders you can call in favors on than they can do a great deal. I hope to give you five reasons why you need a book publicist and in true Urban Fiction News style I will provide you with a list of publicist that are specific to the urban fiction genre.

Reason #1 You Need a Book Publicist to take you From Unknown to Known

Self published authors have the disadvantage of not having a large big named publisher to fall back on. It’s easier to gain the attention of industry insiders when you have a large traditional publisher backing you. However, a disadvantage can also be an advantage because once you show the big boys you know how to sell your book the potential to be picked up by the big boys is much greater. That could mean higher advance checks and companies fighting for Your attention. The publicist will put you or your work in front of the world giving you more exposure. The great news is their job is to make you known/famous.

Reason #2 A Book Publicist has Connections

We have all heard that it’s not what you know but who you know. Well if that’s true many of us wouldn’t go far on our own. The most valuable aspect of a publicist’ job is networking and building relationships with media outlets. The author doesn’t have to know anyone personally as their representative puts them in front of their long list of contacts. That alone is valuable. How many authors are interested in hunting down folks to talk about their book? I know I am not (but I will) With a publicist you won’t have to. They get you interviews threw newspaper, magazine and radio or TV. They also create campaigns that will generate a buzz around you the author and the book.

Reason #3 A Book Publicist Help with Reviews

As I’ve said before book reviews are the literary gold of the book world. Having quality book reviews on retail sites can make or break your book. Word of mouth marketing can make your book a top seller. A publicist is able to get your book in the hands of reviewers by sending out review copies.They locate popular bloggers in your genre, from media resources and get your book in their hands. One great review can take you from an unknown to a known.

Reason # 4 Book Publicist Create Detailed Ad Campaigns

Many self-published authors may find it overwhelming to market their own work. When you employ the services of a book publicist they not only locate the best ad campaigns but do the ad placements for you. Many will tell you that not only is important to increase your books’ visibility through interviews etc… but also to have your book displayed prominently throughout the places readers of your genre are located. Your book cover should be placed on multiple sites for maximum exposure.

Reason #5 Social Media Should Be a Book Publicist’s Specialty

The world of marketing has changed so greatly that having an online presence is vital to your book’s success. You must know how to work the social media platform to get ahead. Many publicist are well versed on social media marketing and will use it to their advantage. They create enough buzz that gets Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc… discussing your book which ultimately means more book sales.

Below is a list of book publicist that cater to African-American Authors and also to the Self-Published author enjoy!!!

Dawn Michelle Hardy

Gwen Richardson

Heather M. Palmore ESq.

V. Michelle Stephenson

Makeda Smith or

Publicist for the Indie Author

Smith Publicity

Kelley & Hall

Novel Publicity

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If you’ve ever been hurt in life, If you’ve ever suffered from the hands of an abuser, If your innocence was robbed by someone you loved. If you thought your life was bad, if you’ve hit rock bottom, if you need a good cry, if you need a shock of emotion. if you feel lost, if you need a friend. THEN YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK. I read this book with the pure intention of finding out what message the chocolate beauty on the cover could possibly mean by 28 days to breaking the cycle. What cycle? what did she mean is all I kept asking, that is until I sat down to read. I literally finished this book in two hours. I cried and called my sisters and sister-girlfriends. This story is unlike traditional self-help books simply because it reads like a novel with drops of wisdom thrown in. 28 days to Breaking the Cycle follows the unbelievable “I can’t believe she made it through that” story of Miss Alma. It starts with the most devastating news about her mother that will lead to a variety of treacherous events that will leave Miss Alma broken but not shattered and the amazing triumph of a woman determined. In disbelief I kept needing to remind myself that I wasn’t reading a novel or fictional tale. I could not believe all of what was going on and much of it from family members. It’s hard to write this review as I swear I want to tell you the beginning, middle and ending in my most incredulous “Can you believe this mess?” voice. But I can’t give away the story but I swear I want to. So all of my followers, readers and interested parties please support this author so WE can talk about it!!!!

I personally love any story that provokes an emotion whether its anger, laughter, joy, tears and sometimes even pain. I love to live vicariously through others hence the reason I love to read and Miss Alma has definitely taken me on an emotional roller coaster. I cried six times before I even reached the middle of the book. Others around me who noticed started asking can they read it next. I honestly believe this book is the BREAK OUT BOOK of the YEAR. Any person who can go through some of the most extreme things this young lady had to endure in her young life and not only make it but find her purpose, then they deserve their moment in the SUN.

I rate this story 5 stars ***** and would definitely recommend everyone to go out and get their copy TODAY!!!! I never endorse any book unless I am sold and I am undeniably sold on 28 Days to Breaking the Cycle!!!


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I am mostly known for my reviews of urban fiction and fiction in general but I was recently approached with the opportunity to read a non-fiction title. A bit skeptical about its content I found myself facing a strong desire to read a book I had little clue about. I curled up on the sofa with a cover and my laptop hoping the author didn’t disappoint. The Quest within Me follows the life of its author as he searches for real happiness. You know the kind that doesn’t come from working a 9 to 5 no matter how well it pays or searching for happiness in the arms of a significant other (because they often fall short) To my pure delight it was wonderfully written with real life situations tied together by increased wisdom and a sense that I should be looking at my life differently. I must be honest I have never felt compelled to cry when reading a book but found his quotes at the end very emotional and yes I cried actual tears by the books conclusion.

It’s not often that you find a story unfilled with melodrama and just an unburdening of complaints about life and all of its foolishness so I was pleasantly surprised at the authors guests for genuine happiness with himself and his surroundings. He sought what the world seeks and managed to find a small part of peace I for one envy. I would give this book a 5 star as it is a book I plan to actually gift out to family and friends. An excellent read if you are looking for the path to happiness. My only suggestion was to add a more visually appealing book cover that would actually match the power in the book’s message. Daniel C Davis really has the makings of something great!!!!!

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So I have been a way for a while (well actually I had unexpected surgery) and as a result I have a lot of free time on my hands. Free time usually means more time to read and I am beginning to notice a central theme. The theme is an uprising of horrible storytelling. There is a growing collection of new authors who write in the way of my youngest four-year old niece and then, and then and then. It is this style of writing that blatantly tells the reading audience that the writer is in fact a non reader. I never realized this before now that a great master of words learns from other master storytellers. How else can one learn to avoid the dreaded and then?

I am a sucker for a good back story and I think every character should strike a chord within its reader. It is the development of your character that compels me to turn the page. The tide of your words should pull me in and the ebb and flow of your plot should gently than tumultuously carry me to a heart stopping waterfall. Once I have been dropped from the height of your story I should then drift to shore where I am free to think over my reading experience.

A true writer understands that its book cover is the bait that reels in the reader. You only have a few precious moments to hook me with the first chapter. Once lost I am gone forever and so is any future possibility of me buying another of your titles. My tiny piece of advice for any new and upcoming authors read and then read some more. Fall in love with reading and it will show up in your writing. Master the art of storytelling and you will have a waiting audience happy to receive you.

Ideally a traditional publisher is the way to go when considering upfront cost. Most traditional publishers pay advances on possible sales of  your titles however, they don’t pay royalties on the back-end until refunded. However, if you are like the other self-publishers tired of waiting for your talent to be “discovered” then you can join the rest of us paving our own path. During your search you will be faced with lots of decisions so here is a bit of help. I have a list of the most expensive self-publishing companies in the business. Prices are based on maximum services including “free” author copies.

Xlibris $15,249

Xlibris offers the platinum package which they nicknamed the Rolls-Royce of publishing. Authors get paperback, hardback and ebook formatting. Unlimited changes to the front cover design, 2 leather-bound copies, 120 paperback copies and 45 hardback. One of the big benefits of this package is they have a 100% royalty program (sounds good except your book may have to be listed at a higher than competitive price) The marketing campaign offers a few nice goodies like press release distribution to 1000 publications, personalized web design and a book trailer with audio. Pretty impressive services not to mention the book posters, fliers, postcards, bookmarks and business cards but is it all really worth it? Well, that’s for you to decide

Trafford Publishing $10,999

Welcome to the big boys! If you are looking for every service rolled into one expensive bundle you’ve found it. Trafford offers its writers an all-inclusive package that will provide you with not only your ISBN# but copyright registration, Library of Congress # also. You also get an option of both paperback and hardback printing and copyediting services. With a price tag like that you will see some other luxury services that include 75 paperback copies of your book, 35 hardback copies and over 110  book stubs. Worldwide book distribution is included as well as a stand alone book trailer and a hollywood audition. Some unnecessary services are unlimited data entry services and an author learning center. Trafford should be selected for authors who have already gone through the publishing process and are looking to go big or go home the second time around.

Authorhouse $11,298

Authorhouse is the creme de la creme of self-publishing. They provide you with a variety of services including registering your copyright, obtaining your ISBN and the library of congress number. However, that hefty price tag includes a full color cover design, back cover sales copy, online distribution and also 20 paperback copies, 5 hardcover and 30 book stubs. The package also includes unnecessary services like professional marketing consultation. Generally speaking this is a one hour telephone conference telling you of different marketing methods. For authors looking to get an edge on the competition there is the ability to get an infomercial with book trailer with an incredible price tag of $8,999. For unknown authors just starting out this is a big waste of money.

The upside is that you get quality, professional looking books that can compete against the traditional publishing houses. Authorhouse book covers are colorful and look amazing.

Many of these self-publishing packages are filled with tons of services that can be done by YOU the self-publisher for much LESS. By doing it yourself it will save you tons of money and the most expensive thing you will invest is your time.