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Enter To Win $500!!!! Enter To Win $500!!!! Enter To Win $500

Exciting News for Urban Fiction Readers! Or lovers of action packed stories. You now have an opportunity to win $500 by entering the Platinum Dust Urban Fiction Reading Contest. Official rules are provided below. Good luck and happy reading.

How The Contest Works?

Purchase a copy of Platinum Dust (Part One) E book  Read the story and answer the 20 trivia questions provided below. Tell your friends and other urban fiction readers to do the same listing you as their referrer. The person with the most correct trivia answers and the most referrals wins $500. That simple.

Platinum Dust Official Entry Rules

To enter the Platinum Dust summer reading contest; All entrants must email their book order confirmation # along with trivia answers and the person who referred them to email before 12am July 31 to qualify. Follow the format below.

Your name:

Order confirmation#:

Trivia Answers:

Referrer’s Name:

The Person with the most referrals and highest amount of trivia questions correct Wins $500 in cash.

Winner will be announced by Friday August 16th. Winnings will be mailed out accordingly. To get your copy follow the links below

or visit Booktango’s bookstore for multiple download options (Nook, iPad, e readers) can visit the link below. search “Platinum Dust”

Disclaimer: if there are mulitple entrants who answers all 20 trivia questions correct the winner will be determined by the number of referrals they have.

Trivia Questions

Which day of the week does Felicia Fall on?

What was Raheim wearing when he met Maya?

What is the name of the mansion Raheim stayed in with Felicia?

Who did Dre put to sleep?

Who bit Raheim?

What is Felicia’s surprise?

What is the name and color of the car that chased Raheim?

Where did Amir meet Pamela?

Where was Carlos Shot?

How many Letters does Raheim read?

Where was the fight between Amir and Raheim?

What is the name of Dre’s enemy/competition?

Which one of Felicia’s Friends is getting married?

Who is Felicia’s best friend named after?

What is the name of the Doctor Felicia was referred to?

What alias does Raheim use?

What nickname does Raheim call Janet?

What is carved into Raheim’s bedposts?

Which character is most known as bipolar?

Who is the first person to die?

Enter To Win $500!!! Enter To Win $500!!! Enter To Win $500!!!



I have been debating whether or not I would like to self-publish my book and then I ran across another option that is making me giddy with excitement. I have known about ebooks for quite some time but being old-fashioned I have always enjoyed the feeling of cozying up with a good book. The smell of the paper, flipping each page with anticipation and having a tangible copy of a good read feels familiar. However, I realized the power of the Internet and modern technology that is allowing self-published authors to reach a larger audience. According to my research Ebooks are taking the publishing world by storm and in the process creating best sellers. Hope you guys enjoy the information listed below. Happy Learning!!!

All about Ebooks

I thought it fitting that this first paragraph be dedicated to explaining the ebook. Don’t worry I won’t be to technical just enough info to give us all a clue. Ebooks are digital books. There you have it and it wasn’t that hard to swallow. It is no different from paperback or hardcovers except that it can be read through the use of an iPad, Nook, Kindle and other digital technology methods. Ebooks still require copyright information, ISBN’s and a book cover, which means it is still a book.

Ebook Benefits

I have some great news for you soon to be self-published authors working with a tight budget. Ebooks are cheaper to publish! Sites like Lulu allows you to publish an ebook for free. (This should not be attempted if you are not familiar with proper formatting) You want to avoid your book looking like something your first grader cooked up. Remember to edit your work or have a professional do it for you. I can’t stress how important editing is for new authors. Now on to the benefits!

Ebooks are cheaper and more cost efficient than going the traditional trade paperback route. The cost of a book cover can range from $99 to $300, the cost of your copyright is $35 (if done electronically) the cost of your ISBN # is $125 and a bar code is $25. We are looking at around $284 to $485 to prepare the ebook and the fee for creating the ebook, which can be free.

Other benefits include more money in your pocket. You don’t have to worry about printing or storage cost, which means pure profit. You have the ability to charge what you’d like for your ebooks and only pay a small distributor fee. New authors should price low ranging from $1.99 to $4.99 for new titles. This is because readers feel better about spending that amount for an unknown author. Once you have a readership you can adjust your pricing.

More of your budget can be spent on marketing, which means you can find more avenues to get the word out and increase your sales. Do a little research on authors in your genre to see who is reviewing their ebooks. Reach out to them to see if they would be willing to review yours. It will be easy as pie to email a link to your ebook for reviews. (Look how much we saved on postage!!!)

Getting Started

My research on Ebooks have led me to a website that is very exciting called BookRix. It allows any author whether you are new or seasoned to submit your ebook to their community for free or for sale. Their reach is 450,000 people which is a big deal. If you want it for sale they walk you through the ebook format and will also help distribute it with large retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more so worth checking it out. They charge 39.00 for each book though.

Another really cool website to visit is they offer affordable websites for authors with the option of setting up your ebook conversion for a fee starting around $99. They distribute to all major book retailers as well which is a bonus.

Happy Publishing!!!