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Looking for a little fun play urban fiction hangman

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“Raheim Starz is the son of a dead man and the woman who killed him. He has a deep seeded anger towards his mother for kicking him out at the age of 11 for looking like his father. He spends most of his adult life trying to avoid being like his parents but was cursed with the same good looks that led his father to his death. Raheim learned that being a pretty boy had its perks and chooses to spread his affections with many women running from love and any form of commitment. That is until he meets Felicia, a dark chocolate beauty unlike any other woman he’s met. While Raheim tries to balance his over active social life his god-fearing younger brother Amir tries to convince him to forgive their mother who serves a life sentence for killing their father.

One dangerous evening in a nightclub leads Raheim into the fight that would change his life. Unknowingly he brutally beats one of North Philadelphia’s notorious drug dealers, which sets the stage for a fatal bout of revenge. He finds himself running for his life and ultimately endangering the lives of his loved ones.”

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