If you are done writing your urban fiction title and followed the steps found in “The No Bull Method to Publishing” then this post is for you. I can’t stress enough how many new writers I run across who are absolutely clueless when it comes to marketing their new books. Simply having it published and placing it on major retailer’s websites will not yield sales. You must become an active participant in the success of your book’s sales. There are many services that can help you. The Urban Fiction Genre is producing many millionaires but you must know how to get the word out or you will be just another unknown published author in the sea of words. A previous post went over some of these marketing strategies but I will go over them again. I have found new information as always I am eager to share.


Urban Fiction Book Flyers

Unlike traditional paper flyers urban fiction book flyers are high-resolution postcards with a gloss finish. They have a picture of your book cover a brief synopsis and purchasing information. This powerful method of marketing gives authors a direct line of advertising to their target audience. It puts something tangible in the hands of your potential readers without you verbally providing a sales pitch. One of the best services out there providing authors and (every type of business owner) flyer designs with local distribution is Blazon Posts. http://www.blazonposts.com. They also offer advertising solutions which include TV marketing. I also had my other website http://www.thenobullmethod.net designed by them also. Great customer service and attention to detail. The owner makes sure he brings your vision to life.


Urban Fiction Book Stubs

Book stubs are the size of a business card showing a picture of your book’s cover with a download code for your book. It allows authors to provide one free download of your ebook. Everyone loves free so this service is a great marketing strategy that will allow debut authors a chance to give potential readers or even reviewers a free copy of their book which ultimately leads to word of mouth marketing. Authors can also use book stubs as free giveaways or contest winnings. It helps create a buzz around new titles and can help with getting more attention to your titles. Booktango authors can purchase book stubs as low as $99. http://www.booktango.com


Urban Fiction Press Releases

Many writers underestimate the power of press releases in spreading the word of your new title. Not only is a press release a valuable source of putting the word out there but it can also provide new authors with interview requests, book features and radio interview spots. Many press release services do not cater to the urban fiction genre so many of the genre’s authors are limited in their attempts at marketing. For a well written press release and distribution to major Urban fiction venues check out my service page.

Hope you found these strategies useful and find success implementing them in your urban fiction marketing strategy. Follow my blog Urban Fiction News for more insightful information so you can stay up on the latest happenings on the streets of the urban fiction genre. Don’t forget to like my posts and remember NOW is the time to see your DREAMS come to past!!!!!!


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