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KCflyer You are all cordially invited to join me on the Literary Showcase Jan, 27th with your host The Master Communicator Sharon Jenkins. We are celebrating urban fiction!!! I will be sharing trade secrets, what I have learned on my literary journey and from helping fellow writers. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!!!!

The interview will be from 8:30 pm to 9:15 anyone with a Google+ or YouTube account can participate. Thanks in advance.



Just like the name implies a publicist’s sole responsibility is to publicize your work or build your brand. They are the reason celebrities become famous. They are the behind the scenes workers getting interviews, spreading buzz worthy tales and making sure the people who moves and shakes have you in their direct line of vision. How does this relate to an author? Very simple without a great product, a marketing plan and enough buzz created around your book it will become a pretty little wall flower on a wall filled with wall flowers. An added benefit is that most book publicist will read your book and if they are sold on it they are adamant about pushing your success. What can a publicist do for you that you can’t do for yourself? Well unless you have a long list of contacts and industry insiders you can call in favors on than they can do a great deal. I hope to give you five reasons why you need a book publicist and in true Urban Fiction News style I will provide you with a list of publicist that are specific to the urban fiction genre.

Reason #1 You Need a Book Publicist to take you From Unknown to Known

Self published authors have the disadvantage of not having a large big named publisher to fall back on. It’s easier to gain the attention of industry insiders when you have a large traditional publisher backing you. However, a disadvantage can also be an advantage because once you show the big boys you know how to sell your book the potential to be picked up by the big boys is much greater. That could mean higher advance checks and companies fighting for Your attention. The publicist will put you or your work in front of the world giving you more exposure. The great news is their job is to make you known/famous.

Reason #2 A Book Publicist has Connections

We have all heard that it’s not what you know but who you know. Well if that’s true many of us wouldn’t go far on our own. The most valuable aspect of a publicist’ job is networking and building relationships with media outlets. The author doesn’t have to know anyone personally as their representative puts them in front of their long list of contacts. That alone is valuable. How many authors are interested in hunting down folks to talk about their book? I know I am not (but I will) With a publicist you won’t have to. They get you interviews threw newspaper, magazine and radio or TV. They also create campaigns that will generate a buzz around you the author and the book.

Reason #3 A Book Publicist Help with Reviews

As I’ve said before book reviews are the literary gold of the book world. Having quality book reviews on retail sites can make or break your book. Word of mouth marketing can make your book a top seller. A publicist is able to get your book in the hands of reviewers by sending out review copies.They locate popular bloggers in your genre, from media resources and get your book in their hands. One great review can take you from an unknown to a known.

Reason # 4 Book Publicist Create Detailed Ad Campaigns

Many self-published authors may find it overwhelming to market their own work. When you employ the services of a book publicist they not only locate the best ad campaigns but do the ad placements for you. Many will tell you that not only is important to increase your books’ visibility through interviews etc… but also to have your book displayed prominently throughout the places readers of your genre are located. Your book cover should be placed on multiple sites for maximum exposure.

Reason #5 Social Media Should Be a Book Publicist’s Specialty

The world of marketing has changed so greatly that having an online presence is vital to your book’s success. You must know how to work the social media platform to get ahead. Many publicist are well versed on social media marketing and will use it to their advantage. They create enough buzz that gets Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc… discussing your book which ultimately means more book sales.

Below is a list of book publicist that cater to African-American Authors and also to the Self-Published author enjoy!!!

Dawn Michelle Hardy

Gwen Richardson

Heather M. Palmore ESq.

V. Michelle Stephenson

Makeda Smith or

Publicist for the Indie Author

Smith Publicity

Kelley & Hall

Novel Publicity

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Black Weblog Awards


As I previously mentioned to all of my faithful followers and friends Urban Fiction News was nominated for an award. The award show was hosted in Texas this year and unfortunately I was unable to attend however, I am very happy to report that I took home the award for the Best Author Blog. Thank you for all of the support everyone. For pictures on the event and to see all of the other winners please visit



Note Paper Vectors

I thought it would be cool to take a brief break to discuss my literary process. It may actually be interesting to only myself but I will share none the less. I am one of those writers that seeks inspiration from a variety of sources but music is my creative muse. It has yet to fail me and often creates some of my best scenes to date. When I am writing whether it be a love scene, action or anger sequence I often look for music that matches the desired emotion. I first sit in silence, take a deep breath and then press play. Before I start writing I listen to the lyrics or allow the music to wash over me like a lyrical waterfall.

I usually don’t stop to think of what I want to say but let the music push my fingers forward. I may stop writing when the music stops but I may also press repeat until the scene is over. When I am done I find a friend and have them read. I never tell them what emotion I was  going for. If they say wow I felt in love or wow the character seemed really angry. I get excited because I was able to successfully capture the desired emotion. When I write I become my character. I become their voice and try my best to embody who they are and what they are and what they are all about.

For years music has inspired many creative types including visual artists and sculptors. I love how music has the ability to take you places. It has a way of going beyond your creative processes down into your very soul and changing your perspective. It can calm or enrage, Music combined with writing can actually become a marriage built to last. Simply because music often times prevent writers block, inspire your next theme or create the very feeling you are looking to write. It provokes an emotion that leaves a permanent impression not only with you but also with your readers.


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It has recently come to my attention that there are many individuals who are unclear about press releases and what it can do for their books. I wanted to clear up some of the cob webs as the urban fiction genre is a growing genre that can be very profitable. My favorite mantra is that it is vital for writers to learn their craft. Don’t just love to write but learn to love to market effectively.

In the world of marketing you must learn there will be some strategies that are free to low cost that are very effective. However, there are some strategies that may require a bit of money to help you get to your bottom line. Which is more money for your published books. Many urban fiction writers are afraid of being taken advantage of so they tend to stick to means that are free or very low cost, which can limit your sales potential. Be wise but don’t be closed minded.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a letter written directly to the media whether its radio, television, print (magazines or newspapers) bloggers and other media related websites. It’s the one thing that can get you in the door with movers and shakers. Press releases are sent directly to journalists, or decision makers who are already searching for news to discuss and cover.

How Can Press Releases Help?

Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned author or even a writer published by a traditional publishing house; press releases are necessary. Not only does a press release send your new book to the desk of decision makers but a well crafted press release lets the media know you exist. If you have already started marketing your books you know first hand how time consuming, daunting  and aggravating it can be to reach out to family and friends. It can be even more frustrating to reach out to Facebook friends and twitter followers who can block you if you push to hard.

Press releases help because having your work exposed to the right audience can change your literary life. Having a media outlet that influences the masses could make the difference between your story and the next writers. We know this to be true simply from looking at the influence Oprah has on the book buying audience. Many authors are reaping the financial rewards simply from sending a press release to the movers and shakers of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Targeted Press Releases

Just like any other marketing strategy you need to market to your target audience. Marketing to the ‘wrong’ audience is much like fishing in a lake with no fish sure you can catch a single fish occasionally. However, putting your bait in a lake overflowing with fish will allow you to reel in a huge catch. Urban fiction writers are faced with a dilemma unique to their chosen genre. The advertising opportunities are not currently broad enough to allow for a more traditional route. The one thing Urban Fiction writers have in their favor is they already know who their target audience is and that they are thirsty for their product. Pitching your book to hundreds and thousands of people who are looking for the next juicy tale will give you an advantage over writers who pitch to a ‘general’ reading audience.

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I have been wrapped up  in a whirlwind for the last few weeks. My ebook is being released Today and I am still running around trying to get things in order. I am happy to report however, that most of the Contest submissions have been great so far. So great that I need an extension on posting the results. I have lots of submissions to go over and there is an idea of the first and second place winners but I am still up in the air about # 3.

Thank you all for your patience and looking forward to announcing the Winners!!!!!!

I have been going on an urban fiction reading frenzy over the last few weeks. I can’t get enough of quality, well written urban fiction novels. This strong urge to read gritty street tales have me wondering why the genre is gaining momentum.

Urban Fiction is Edgy

Readers can’t get enough because urban fiction is edgy. It’s like an action, romance, suspense thriller wrapped into one title. It also provides readers with a true to life experience in an urban setting. What I love about a good urban fiction is how vivid the details, how dramatic the drama and how absolutely sexy the sex scenes can be.

Vicarious Living through Urban Fiction

Everyone is not cut out to live the fast life of destructive danger. However, it has a compelling lure about people who live it. A good story-teller can take you on the edge of danger and build up enough suspense that you find yourself reading the tale well beyond your normal bedtime. It is because of the unbelievable danger that takes the mind on a mental trip through city streets most people wouldn’t dare go that urban fiction is gaining more and more momentum.

Urban Fiction makes Millions

Writers in the urban fiction genre are gaining more and more recognition and entering into traditional publishing contracts as a result. The growing need to read such sexy dark and dangerous tales has the market thirsty for the next great story-teller. Most urban fiction authors find it better to self-publish and promote their own work as the money is limitless. Sure there is more leg work but the profits are your own. It also provides you with the freedom of untraditional marketing efforts.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet an urban fiction author selling her book at a flea market. Her title had already hit number one on Amazon and she asked for my email for updates to her upcoming events, book signings and new releases etc… As far as I could see she had already had a complete listing of emails and she sold out of the 100 copies she bought with her all but two left on the table. You may say that’s small time but she may have only paid $5 dollars to have those books printed and charged $10 which is 50 % profit. Last I checked she made a cool $1000 in a day. When’s the last time you made that for your creative work?

Because the genre is growing and rapidly it is leaving room for urban fiction authors to reach a hungry audience. With no middle man and creative marketing strategies urban fiction authors are making millions in revenue.