Who is Suing Who?

   True to its nature Urban fiction is built on deception, drama and oh did I say drama? In an earlier post I made it known that Vickie Stringer, owner of the leading Urban Fiction Publishing house Triple Crown Publications has been a very busy girl. Not only has she managed to build her literary empire coming from a five-year stint in prison for drug-dealing but she’s also managed to cheat her authors out of hundreds of thousands in royalties and now A host of ex-employee complaints have been reported.

Ms. Stringer hires back-office support to help with her billing system which as quoted from one ex-employee is “Cooked up”  editorial assistants are asked to send letters to authors and freelance writers explaining why they wouldn’t receive royalty payments. She has built an empire on the backs of wide-eyed hopefuls and withholds funds from both her authors and her employees. Many employees are fired within days if they press her to check into her previous financial methods. Individuals who has worked with the self-made millionaire alleges Ms. Stringers unwillingness to pay and then when she does her checks bounce.

Many writers are starving artists and to receive any recognition from a well-known publishing company is a dream. However, having a dream quickly turn into a nightmare can scar you for life in the literary game.

For more information or to read employee horror stories for Triple Crown Publications visit iRipoff.com


Deja Joy King Sued By Triple Crown Publications

 Deja Joy King was interviewed on the Urban Book Source or UBS. She is the author of the popular ‘Bitch’ series and a scorned author of Triple Crown Publications. In her interview she shares her tumultuous relationship with the Urban Publishing house stating that Vickie Stringer not only refused to pay her royalties for her popular book series but also sued her when she informed her that she would be taking legal action.

The interview provides potential authors interested in the big name publishing company with a chance to reconsider. Not only is it not enough to not receive financial retribution for your hard work but to then be dragged through court because of greed is unheard of.  For more information or to read the interview please visit the link below.


Suing or Being Sued Teri Woods love the Court Room

 Teri Woods is another urban fiction diva who seems to love the court room. She is the author and self-made millionaire who owns Teri Woods publishing. Her most recent bout with legal action stems from a night club incident that should have been the start of a great evening.

Ms. Woods was hosting a book release party at the Soho night club Greenhouse. She waited for the 175 guests she invited to celebrate her special occasion only to find the club refused her guests entry. They were told they could not enter based on their appearance. Ms. Woods and a few of her guests are suing the club owner Barry Mullineaux for $1 Billion for allegedly denying entry based on race however, The owner denies racism was his motive for denying entry to his club. He stated that his decision was based on appearance.

However, white guests were allowed to enter while the African-American guests were not granted entry. Ms. Woods was very emotional and visibly upset about the occurrence.

Ms. Woods claims she has text messages alleging the club owner didn’t want to allow overweight guests in to the club because it wasn’t a good luck for his nightspot.

I could go on and on about this level of ridiculousness but I it would take me all day. Not sure if the case will be won because of the amount suggested but will keep you all posted on the results or its progression. More than likely an out of court settlement will be met. That would be much more favorable if the club owner plans on keeping his business.

To get more on this case and all of its ridiculous follow the link below.



“Bootleg Book Seller” Teri Woods Sues Carl Weber


I had to laugh at the common word choice Teri Woods used to describe Carl Weber. She sued the Author/bookstore owner for allegedly bootlegging (creating copies from the original) and selling them for his own gain. Carl Weber countered with a motion to dismiss the charges due to Ms. Woods’ not responding to the motion in time. Mr. Weber was one in a list of many to be sued for allegedly selling copies of Dutch the finale from his bookstores.

His dismissal was granted and Ms. Woods sought to have the dismissal removed in order to proceed. However it didn’t work out that way. I have never seen someone sue so many people before. It almost looks fishy but what can I say without the real life drama urban fiction wouldn’t have two legs to stand on.

If you want to read more on the case you can visit http://www2.pennrecord.com/news/judge-refuses-to-vacate-dismissal-of-defendants-in-book-publishers-copyright-suit-against-bootleg-bookseller/



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