I am available to give honest reviews of Urban fiction, street-lit, ghetto fiction and any mystery novels from new, up and coming and seasoned authors. Please click on the contact me page to request contact information for a review. All reviews will be posted within two weeks of receiving content. I do not guarantee positive reviews but will provide my honest observations. If review is negative will provide feedback to the author before posting any comments about the title. Please send me an email at

  1. miriamspia says:

    Thanks, this could help people who want an excerpt before spending their money.

  2. Aryah B says:


    I’m a new, teen, up and coming author from London. I was challenged by a teacher at school to write a book which I thought would appeal to people of my age and slightly older. This was because I had a strong dislike to reading literature. I liked the stories written by The Bronte sisters and Jane Austin, as well as the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Once I got started writing my novel, the ideas just kept flowing and I eventually wrote the entire story. I’m really proud of the book ‘Finding Cloud 9’ and along the way have grown a strong passion for writing. My book that is now available in digital format on amazon.

    I would love it if you could read my book and post a review on amazon and possibly your website. It would be great to get a non biased opinion and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

    With Kind Regards,


  3. Dion Cheese says:

    Thanks for giving new authors a golden opportunity…Cheezie088

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