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I was invited to read A Bucket Full of Lies written by Robert K. Swisher jr. The book follows the life of Bob Roosevelt an ex-military man/Hippie looking for love but finding none. He takes up a journey of self-exploration that leads him into limitless danger. He has a rather outspoken Guardian Angel that has a taste for fast women and a heaven sent purpose of protecting Mr. Roosevelt. One night at a greasy spoon restaurant in the small town of Des Moines Iowa he runs into an old friend with large problems. The story falls under mystery however, I found the Guardian angel a bit of an un-welcomed distraction. His fore sight often gave away the next string of “could have been exciting” events. I would have much liked the story better without the wayward angel sent to give the story away.

Overall Mr. Swisher tells a good tale and the tone of his story is believable. I rated the story 3 stars due to its lack of mystery as it is intended to be a tale of suspense. To find your copy of A Bucket Full of Lies visit the link below.





Everyone who has read my book review on “When Everything isn’t Enough” written by Ed Wyns knows that I am now a fan of his work. I loved it so much I had to interview the author. Hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I do!

UFN: You’re the author of “When Everything Isn’t Enough” An uncommon story based on the male perspective of infertility. What prompted you to write on the subject?

EW: Simply put, this is a story that either hasn’t been told enough, if at all. After getting the idea, I researched the subject, and couldn’t find one novel on infertility that was written from the male’s perspective.

UFN: Your main character David Tanner could almost be considered a typical male teen outside of his early introduction to sex. He often wars with himself on being both a gentlemen and a playboy. Was the war deliberate early on in your story to help create a sense of who he would become?

EW: It was definitely deliberate. I used the female influences in David’s life to counter the “bad” or “negative” influences of his four cousins, thereby creating David’s internal war. It’s possible that David could have matured into the man that he would become without the female influences. But would the character development have been believable, probably not.

UFN: I enjoyed the strong female leads in your book and thought it was important that not all female characters be portrayed as loose or extremely promiscuous. I feel you balanced the female characters well. Did you find it difficult to write from both a male and female perspective in your story?

EW: When I started When Everything Isn’t Enough, writing from a female’s perspective was a concern of mine. My goal was to write the best story possible. A story in which it didn’t matter that I was a male writing from a female’s perspective, any more than it mattered that I was male writing from a male’s perspective. If a female reader finishes When Everything Isn’t Enough, and says, “I loved David’s Character because I could relate to…” Or a male reader finishes and says, “I could relate to Mia’s Strength because…” then I’ve done my job as a writer. I’m an avid reader; the best writers for me are the writers that can write from the opposite sex’s perspective, and do it convincingly.

UFN: Books are like babies, needing to be nurtured and groomed before it is ready to be birthed and presented to the world. How long did it take you to write your ‘baby?’

EW: You are absolutely correct; books are like babies and require a great deal of nurturing and grooming. From conception to birth it took a little over three years. The first version of When Everything Isn’t Enough was a 630 page Word Document. For obvious reasons I had to cut a lot of material, which was harder than writing the story. I thought everything was important to the story and that I had to have every word of the original version (smile).

 UFN: How long have you been writing and what type of reader do you believe your work appeals to?

EW: I’ve been writing for over 20 years. I believe that each body of work appeals to different people for different reasons. Although When Everything Isn’t Enough is an Urban Fiction novel; I’m of the opinion that this is something that almost anyone can relate to. Infertility isn’t a Black or White issue, it’s not a rich or poor issue, or even an American or (insert nationality here) issue. It’s a human issue that touches all walks of life. The issue of not wanting children, abusing children, and being a parent in name only are all human issues.  I can go down the list of issues or topics that I covered, and I honestly believe that almost anyone can or should be able to relate to something in this novel.

UFN: What are you currently working on and most importantly when is the sequel to “When Everything Isn’t Enough” being released?

EW: I am currently working on the sequel, My Last Breath, and my goal is to release it the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

UFN:  How can readers, fans and reviewers find you? Are you available for book club readings and Q&A sessions?

EW: I am definitely available for readings and Q&A sessions. I love talking about this story and welcome any and every opportunity to do so. I can be found at and on Facebook under Ed Wyns.

Well it has been a pleasure interviewing you and I personally look forward to reading more of your work.

The pleasure has been all mine, thank you for your time, and for reviewing When Everything Isn’t Enough!

If you are looking for a grisly tale that will cause you to cover your mouth and shudder with disbelief than take a look at “Who am I? The Chronicles of Cain” The story starts off with a bloody telling of the death of our main character’s parents. It quickly leads you down the path of mystery, betrayal and death that can only be told by a cold-blooded killer hardened by past and present experiences. Cain walks his reader into a guessing game that had me on the edge of my seat. My wanting turned into a need that drove me to complete this story.  I was often taken aback by the sheer graphic details of Cain’s ruthless and brutal methods of murder. His name carries enough weight that grown men shudder and plead at the thought of being on his bad side. His bad side is the one place no one is considered safe.

Overall I would rate this story a must read. It isn’t for the faint of heart or people with weak stomachs. You get a raw story not painted with pretty words. The author does an excellent job of igniting fear in the hearts of their reader and I often thought how I would react if faced with the very mysterious, charismatic and highly dangerous main character Cain. I loved how the author ended each chapter with a slightly poetic letter written by the main character. The only thing I could live without was the many metaphors used in the story. The story itself was good enough to stand without the metaphoric comparisons. Non the less it is a book you will want to read a few times as it has the “learn something new” effect many books lack today.

To get your copy visit Amazon Today!!!!!!!

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Slave To The Trade

I would like to start this review a bit differently. I am often approached by aspiring writers who may have already decided to go the self-publishing route and they are looking for a boost on what may or may not be a great read. However, I knew this book would be different simply from the eloquence the writer used in their request for a review. I was sold from the synopsis and that alone speaks volumes. Now on to the good stuff!

Slave to the Trade is a story about a once big-time pimp who arrogantly calls himself A.D. His recent release from prison finds him quickly trying to recover his pimp game from a now modern-day Seattle. Officer Pratt has been waiting for the release of A.D for years and the story heats up quickly when the two finally face off it will take you on a ride. This story was better than a surprise. I enjoyed every word from start to finish and even had to pull my daughters away from attempting to read as they are only teens. Percy Levy could easily battle Donald Goines or Iceberg Slim in a literary battle with true to life characters that make you open your eyes and relate. Unlike many urban fiction pimp stories filled with the glitz and glamour the author takes you on a ride of humanity. He exposes the street life in a way that helps its readers relate. The only thing I would change is the one page chapters.

The book is currently being sold on Amazon and I would recommend it to any love of the genre. For your copy follow the links below

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It’s no secret my debut urban fiction novel Platinum Dust (Part One) has been released but I have been receiving messages asking me if I would be willing to make a few chapters available to the public. I give a lot of advice on Urban Fiction especially on writing and marketing and so I thought I would allow the public to give me some feedback. I am open to all comments, suggestions, reviews and opinions on my baby (Platinum Dust) If you are up for it please feel free to visit the link below and let me know what you think!!!!!!! Happy reading everyone and remember to Follow for more Urban Fiction News, Reviews and Resources


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Exciting News for Urban Fiction Readers! Or lovers of action packed stories. You now have an opportunity to win $500 by entering the Platinum Dust Urban Fiction Reading Contest. Official rules are provided below. Good luck and happy reading.

How The Contest Works?

Purchase a copy of Platinum Dust (Part One) E book  Read the story and answer the 20 trivia questions provided below. Tell your friends and other urban fiction readers to do the same listing you as their referrer. The person with the most correct trivia answers and the most referrals wins $500. That simple.

Platinum Dust Official Entry Rules

To enter the Platinum Dust summer reading contest; All entrants must email their book order confirmation # along with trivia answers and the person who referred them to email before 12am July 31 to qualify. Follow the format below.

Your name:

Order confirmation#:

Trivia Answers:

Referrer’s Name:

The Person with the most referrals and highest amount of trivia questions correct Wins $500 in cash.

Winner will be announced by Friday August 16th. Winnings will be mailed out accordingly. To get your copy follow the links below

or visit Booktango’s bookstore for multiple download options (Nook, iPad, e readers) can visit the link below. search “Platinum Dust”

Disclaimer: if there are mulitple entrants who answers all 20 trivia questions correct the winner will be determined by the number of referrals they have.

Trivia Questions

Which day of the week does Felicia Fall on?

What was Raheim wearing when he met Maya?

What is the name of the mansion Raheim stayed in with Felicia?

Who did Dre put to sleep?

Who bit Raheim?

What is Felicia’s surprise?

What is the name and color of the car that chased Raheim?

Where did Amir meet Pamela?

Where was Carlos Shot?

How many Letters does Raheim read?

Where was the fight between Amir and Raheim?

What is the name of Dre’s enemy/competition?

Which one of Felicia’s Friends is getting married?

Who is Felicia’s best friend named after?

What is the name of the Doctor Felicia was referred to?

What alias does Raheim use?

What nickname does Raheim call Janet?

What is carved into Raheim’s bedposts?

Which character is most known as bipolar?

Who is the first person to die?

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small__163867388[1]     In my constant search for more ways to sell more books I have decided to take a closer look into Amazon’s Listmania! Many consumers enjoy sharing a great find which is why many companies covet the most powerful marketing strategy which is word of mouth marketing. In the world of modern-day technology word of mouth marketing is like hitting a gold mine. So Listmania! becomes a great way for authors to maximize exposure for their books. This post is dedicated to selling more books using the Amazon platform.

What is Listmania! ?

Amazon offers its customers an opportunity to create a list of their favorite things. They can build their lists according to their interest and other shoppers who are interested in the same types of items are free to view the list. The purpose of the lists is to help other shoppers find good reads or products. Its Amazon’s way of advertising more products by way of consumers. Listmania! lists can be named to make it easier to find and searched. Example: “Best Urban Fiction Books”

Benefits of Listmania!

The obvious benefits of using Listmania! from a marketing point of view is more exposure. Your book can be put on the same list with well-known authors. What makes this so exciting is that when people look up a genre for example urban fiction and they type in the name of a well-known competitor your book’s title will also appear as well. Having a few lists created with your book’s title on it means more potential exposure as well as more chances for reviews which also boosts your book on the Amazon search ranking.

Listmania! and You 

If you are a debut author you may not have a following however, Listmania! can aid you in getting more recognition, exposure and sales. The first step to getting a Listmania! list is to sign into your Amazon account, if you don’t have one you will need to create a profile. It is also possible Amazon may want you to make a purchase before you can set up a Listmania! list. You can buy a .99 cent ebook to speed up the process. Next, log into you account and go to your profile page. There will be a contributions page where you can select lists. You will need to name the lists, tell why you are qualified. “writer” or “reviewer or even lover of the genre” should be satisfactory.

If you are a writer creating the list you will not want to avoid the intro section of your lists. This will give people an idea of what your list is about or what they can expect to see. Add items to your list and though it may be tempting authors shouldn’t list their book on the top instead place titles of well known competitors at the top and then yours a few down on the list. It will help look less marketing strategy. After your list is created implore the assistance of family and friends who would be willing to do the same. When people do a search for urban fiction, Listmania! will automatically feature lists with relevant content or titles. People who are familiar with your competitors who are more known will see your title and may be compelled to get a copy to see what your story is all about.

What to expect from Listmania! ?

 New authors should not expect this to produce a great deal of sales if this is their only form of marketing. Remember marketing is multi-faceted. it should be a part of a bigger marketing plan. Combining your other marketing attempts with an Amazon Listmania! list can prove to be profitable especially in the hungry Urban fiction market. The more lists your book is on the more it will it will show up on the search.


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