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If you are a writer looking to have your book reviewed before or after publication feel free to contact me with your request. At this time all request will be honored with an honest review and a blog post dedicated to your book and its title. No guarantees of positive review but will provide cover photo of your book along with review and a link where potential readers can purchase your work. All reviews are posted within two weeks of the date of receipt.

Urban fiction publishers looking to promote newly released titles on the Urban Fiction News Blog please contact me with information on the title, release date and an overview of the book. All newly released titles will receive a one page post featuring the cover of the title and all pertinent information for potential readers to purchase a copy.

New and established authors who would like to discuss the possibility of being  interviewed by Urban Fiction News please contact me for further information.

If you are a business that offer services to both traditionally and self-published authors please contact me. If you would like to do a company spotlight please email me for information needed. Thanks!!!!!

Thanks for reading my blog

K.C Baylor

Urban Fiction News

Email: or

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  1. Gina D says:

    Hey, So what happened to those three writers from the contest you did 2 months ago? I saw it on your blog and I wanted to read the stories. Are you putting them up?

  2. K.C. Your blog is great! Thank you for sharing these great tips for new and well seasoned writers 🙂

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