I have been going on an urban fiction reading frenzy over the last few weeks. I can’t get enough of quality, well written urban fiction novels. This strong urge to read gritty street tales have me wondering why the genre is gaining momentum.

Urban Fiction is Edgy

Readers can’t get enough because urban fiction is edgy. It’s like an action, romance, suspense thriller wrapped into one title. It also provides readers with a true to life experience in an urban setting. What I love about a good urban fiction is how vivid the details, how dramatic the drama and how absolutely sexy the sex scenes can be.

Vicarious Living through Urban Fiction

Everyone is not cut out to live the fast life of destructive danger. However, it has a compelling lure about people who live it. A good story-teller can take you on the edge of danger and build up enough suspense that you find yourself reading the tale well beyond your normal bedtime. It is because of the unbelievable danger that takes the mind on a mental trip through city streets most people wouldn’t dare go that urban fiction is gaining more and more momentum.

Urban Fiction makes Millions

Writers in the urban fiction genre are gaining more and more recognition and entering into traditional publishing contracts as a result. The growing need to read such sexy dark and dangerous tales has the market thirsty for the next great story-teller. Most urban fiction authors find it better to self-publish and promote their own work as the money is limitless. Sure there is more leg work but the profits are your own. It also provides you with the freedom of untraditional marketing efforts.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet an urban fiction author selling her book at a flea market. Her title had already hit number one on Amazon and she asked for my email for updates to her upcoming events, book signings and new releases etc… As far as I could see she had already had a complete listing of emails and she sold out of the 100 copies she bought with her all but two left on the table. You may say that’s small time but she may have only paid $5 dollars to have those books printed and charged $10 which is 50 % profit. Last I checked she made a cool $1000 in a day. When’s the last time you made that for your creative work?

Because the genre is growing and rapidly it is leaving room for urban fiction authors to reach a hungry audience. With no middle man and creative marketing strategies urban fiction authors are making millions in revenue.

  1. Sam says:

    Urban fiction is gaining ground because it’s a relevant setting for today’s generation. But are paper books still the format? More and more people have easy access to ebook formats, which are proving to be cheaper. The paperback took over from the hardback because of price. I think the future lies in urban ebooks.

    • kcbaylor says:

      Believe it or not paperback is the best way to go for urban fiction. Simply because a great deal of its sales are through word of mouth and readers sharing the book with friends. It gets passed along the better the book and the author’s name becomes more well known. When an author knows the genre they are much better equipped at making the decision on ebook or paperback formatting.

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