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With the rapidly approaching Re-Release of Platinum Dust (Part One) I’ve decided to let my reading audience in because I value your opinion. I have provided a free preview of my book in the My Book section at the top under Platinum Dust. The first chapter are available there with a warning Adult Content!!. Perfect opportunity for avid urban fiction readers to get a glimpse of my debut urban fiction novel and also for readers wanting to review me!!!! Hope you enjoy and always feel free to let me know what you think!!!

Platinum Dust follows the life of a self-proclaimed playboy Raheim Starz. Raheim is the son of a dead man and the woman who killed him. Kicked out of his home at the age of 11 for looking like his father he is dead set against being like both his parents. He avoids love at all cost and has a woman for every night of the week until his Friday girl Felicia does the unexpected that is. One fateful night in a nightclub will send him down the road of redemption, forgiveness and into the arms of the only woman ready to love him. After the dust settles on Raheim’s platinum life style you will be surprised to see who is the last man standing.

To read the first chapter click my books above and check for Platinum Dust!!!!!! or feel free to click the link below

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If you’ve ever been hurt in life, If you’ve ever suffered from the hands of an abuser, If your innocence was robbed by someone you loved. If you thought your life was bad, if you’ve hit rock bottom, if you need a good cry, if you need a shock of emotion. if you feel lost, if you need a friend. THEN YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK. I read this book with the pure intention of finding out what message the chocolate beauty on the cover could possibly mean by 28 days to breaking the cycle. What cycle? what did she mean is all I kept asking, that is until I sat down to read. I literally finished this book in two hours. I cried and called my sisters and sister-girlfriends. This story is unlike traditional self-help books simply because it reads like a novel with drops of wisdom thrown in. 28 days to Breaking the Cycle follows the unbelievable “I can’t believe she made it through that” story of Miss Alma. It starts with the most devastating news about her mother that will lead to a variety of treacherous events that will leave Miss Alma broken but not shattered and the amazing triumph of a woman determined. In disbelief I kept needing to remind myself that I wasn’t reading a novel or fictional tale. I could not believe all of what was going on and much of it from family members. It’s hard to write this review as I swear I want to tell you the beginning, middle and ending in my most incredulous “Can you believe this mess?” voice. But I can’t give away the story but I swear I want to. So all of my followers, readers and interested parties please support this author so WE can talk about it!!!!

I personally love any story that provokes an emotion whether its anger, laughter, joy, tears and sometimes even pain. I love to live vicariously through others hence the reason I love to read and Miss Alma has definitely taken me on an emotional roller coaster. I cried six times before I even reached the middle of the book. Others around me who noticed started asking can they read it next. I honestly believe this book is the BREAK OUT BOOK of the YEAR. Any person who can go through some of the most extreme things this young lady had to endure in her young life and not only make it but find her purpose, then they deserve their moment in the SUN.

I rate this story 5 stars ***** and would definitely recommend everyone to go out and get their copy TODAY!!!! I never endorse any book unless I am sold and I am undeniably sold on 28 Days to Breaking the Cycle!!!


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Q: Legacy Publishing Grp is spearheaded by none other than Michael McGrew. How did you get started in the Urban Fiction publishing game?

As a youth my grandmother used to read Donald Goines books all the time so reading has always been in my family but didn’t get into the game until 2008 after deciding to write for a living. Urban Fiction to me is the gritty reality of the black community. Similar to the ghettos of little Italy and the mob stories. It’s just our tale of the street. Starting my journey was a challenge though and I learned a lot to get where I am today.

Q: It must also be noted that you are the author of such titles as “My kinda Girl” “Room 111” and “Taking Losses.” Being an urban fiction writer means you understand its challenges. Where do you see urban fiction going in the future?

I see urban fiction diversifying into more colorful characters and optimistic backgrounds. The drug dealer plot lines are thinning and getting too boring. The game needs change like life as it progresses in my opinion.

Q: When reading your bio which can be found on I noted a few of your struggles which it seems are paramount in writing a good urban fiction story. Would you say your past has made you a better writer?

I would think so, before I began writing I would consider my experiences as research, so yes it has and definitely getting better.

Q: Is Legacy Publishing Grp only interested in publishing urban fiction titles?

Not at all, in fact we’re moving forward with children’s, self improvement and teen fiction titles.

Q: What can viewers expect from you in the coming years?

Great success, with our relationships growing in Hollywood we are positioning the company to transition into film and television also while maintaining a leading position in trade paperback sales as well.

Q: Where can authors and readers of urban fiction find out more about your publishing company?

For more info please check us out at

It’s been great having you on Urban Fiction News Any last words of wisdom?

The Mind of The Person is Often Unknown to The Person Who Has the Mind. Be who you choose to be but be prepared for challenges, rejection and the doubt that may attempt to throw you off course. It’s a test to see if you deserve to board the vessel of your blessing.


Your Urban Literature Muse for Line Editing, Content Editing, Reduction Editing, Proofreading, Copy Editing and self publishing services for Independent Authors

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mary McBeth from who was very gracious in answering my questions. I love providing my reading audience with a bit of professional wisdom that will help them in their literary journey. So if you are a writer of the Urban Fiction Genre or a fiction writer looking to learn what it takes to become a literary success read along.

Q: Please introduce yourself and your company to my reading audience. What is it that you do?

My name is Mary McBeth, and I am the founder of where I help authors develop their manuscripts through extremely obsessive editing, consulting and marketing advice. I also support them in the development of their Brand through marketing consultations, and the creation of marketing materials, such as logos, business cards and website design; often these are just the natural results of my editing services.


Q: What made you decide to build your business around urban editing?

I love Urban Fiction, and it is my personal pet peeve that good stories often do not receive the attention they deserve, and ultimately the chance to make their impact on society as a whole. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York (a prime Urban Fiction setting), and it personally offends me that the Urban Fiction genre is so often belittled, and misunderstood due to (what I see as) the use of words and the presentation of those words.  I feel I have something unique to offer to the genre, and I often liken it to the music industry where you might be a good rapper, but you still need a heck of an excellent studio technician in order to be competitive. Publishers are the producers. And if you self-publish, guess what? You are now a producer and you better be good- or hire the right people if you want to be credible and make hits.


Q: Are you a lover of the urban fiction genre and do you think it can be a competitive literary market?

Oh yes! I love urban Fiction. As quiet as it’s kept, this IS already a competitive literary market, and I think it will become more so in the future. Few people realize that the genre is extremely broad and that it already outsells mainstream fiction at all the major publishing houses.  The Urban Fiction genre encompasses: Street fiction, Crime fiction, Vampire stories, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, and more. What’s the difference? That depends on whom you ask. Right now, as far as I can tell, Urban Fiction is what each person says it is…for better or for worse. There’s a lot of chaos associated with this genre, which could be good or bad, depending on what we do with it.

Q: Urban Fiction is becoming increasingly popular in the literary world. With that popularity comes a variety of challenges. What would you say is a major challenge urban fiction authors face today?

Credibility. Selling each other and the genre out. Being open to change.  Also, confusion and lack of a system of standards that can differentiate one style from another, or one level of author (expertise-wise) from another. As a former assistant librarian, I continue to work with publishers, libraries, and bookstores to establish new, clearer, guidelines within the genre itself.


Q: There are many mainstream or traditional editors catering to the masses of “traditional genres” why is it important for an urban fiction author to seek out an urban fiction editor? 

Well there are so many reasons, first of all, we editors are a pretty myopic bunch; we pretty much read all day and become totally engrossed in our authors’ dramas (both literally and figuratively!). We don’t get out much, so to speak! Lol! That means an editor who enjoys reading Science Fiction, probably makes that their specialty and wouldn’t necessarily be aware of what was going on in other specialized genres, like Street Lit or Urban Fantasy.

In the case of Urban Fiction, the problem is two fold – genre and culture. Urban Fiction is a culture as much as a genre. This makes it an extremely narrow specialization, like medical writing.

For example, the best Urban Fiction editors should know current idioms of speech, as well as be avid readers of mainstream fiction. It’s like translating a foreign language- you cannot do so competently if you only speak one of the two languages involved?

Ideally, editors of Urban Fiction should have a solid grasp of today’s Urban Culture, as well as historic African American Literature, and mainstream literature overall, in order to assist authors in producing their best work (work that is attractive to the public and ideally, to mainstream publishing houses), as well as work that credits the genre. The problem that traditional publishers have with Urban Lit is not the content, it’s the presentation.

What we are doing here is creating and documenting our history- as it happens. It doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non fiction- future generations will construct an image of what it was like during our time- just as we do today with authors such as Chester Himes, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin and Iceberg Slim. That goes for all kinds of Urban Fiction: Street fiction, Vampire Stories, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, whatever.  Urban Fiction Editors have got to be able to see the big picture.


Q: I’m sure as an editor you face a variety of common grammatical errors. What would you say is the most common error urban fiction authors make?

Homonyms, hands down! There, their, and they’re. Way, weigh. Wait, weight. To, too, two. Soul, sole, etc.

It makes my job interesting, but these are a huge red flag for traditional publishers, editors and agents. It tells them that you are guilty of committing what I would call: the cardinal sin of prose…professing to be a serious author, while leaving clues in plain site that you do not read very much. The assumption is if you make such basic errors, you may not have the skills to tell a good story.

But, in all fairness, it’s a persistent misconception that writers are good spellers and such. A subliminal perception that even seasoned industry professionals hold. Writers have to tell stories. Period. Believe me that is hard enough to do. Writers don’t have to spell or have perfect grammar- that’s what editors are for. Lol!

If the quality of your writing is good and this is your main problem, a good book to read is Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynn Truss.


Q: What makes your company different from other editing services?

Simple. We truly care about our authors’ success! Writing is a lonely road and writers need lots of support to make it. For me, editing is a deeply conspiratorial process, and we give so much to our clients that we just cannot take on everyone. Therefore, we are only interested in the author who is serious about making a cultural impact with their writing and pursuing a long-term literary career. But, even if we cannot accept you as a client, we will tell you the truth and give you advice about how you can do better.

I personally handle each client as a product in themselves (not just a book), considering their career, and overall presentation in helping them make the impression they desire. To do this, I may edit their work directly, coach them to produce better work, write their query letters, design their business cards, logo, website and advise them on Social Media marketing, if needed, even introduce them to publishers when appropriate.


Q: Many self-published authors catch a bad rap because their work isn’t polished or “presentable” enough to compete with traditionally published authors; what would you say self-published authors can do to become more competitive in the literary world?

To them I would say presentation is everything in sales of any sort. If you want someone, other than you wife or mother, to purchase (and write a positive review) of your novel – get yourself a reputable editor. Now.

The Urban Fiction book market is saturated with good story ideas, told in bad grammar. Even if your ideas are great, you just cannot compete without writing that is perfect.

If you think your cousin should edit your book for free, then you just do not understand what it is that professional editors do. Consider this conversation I recently had on Facebook with a client who’d hired me to write her query letter- a writer of New Age Non-fiction who, although knowledgeable about her field and a prolific self-published author – was not getting any sales:

Mary Angi McBeth
 ”btw. Who edited your book?


Client: “no one! i gave my books to two very knowledgeable ppl. they read it and made some comments and that was it!… I don’t have an editor…:((

Mary Angi McBeth
” well…how can I say this…very knowledgeable ppl. are good proofreaders….but editing…takes a lot of time (valuable time) and involves taking things out, changing wording and adding explanations where needed….knowledgeable ppl don’t do this for free…and may not even know how to be critical of content…knowledgeable ppl don’t necessarily know how to do a tarot card reading, even if they know the history of tarot… that takes knowledge, but more important, it practice and dedication, the same goes with any field  of expertise.

Editing is not about knowledge only


Mary Angi McBethIt is about reading like a maniac for years and years, it is about criticizing and obsessing over each line of text, in an effort to turn a jingle into a symphony. It is about knowing that genre and what sells in that field, doing research where necessary, and asking the writer to give everything and then a little bit more. It is a Virgo dream job. Not a friend’s favor.


Mary Angi McBethA friend might change your oil on your car or fix a flat tire for free…. But it is not reasonable to expect them to change your transmission, rebuild your engine and give you new body work in a couple of days (or even weeks) and for free.

That is what editing is: an overhaul. Not spell checking. Computers can do that.“


Now, How much can you pay someone to tell you the truth? The hardest thing you will ever do is judge your own writing objectively.

Even prolific authors like Steven King and James Patterson have editors.  You would be surprised how much of the last book you read was the result of the collaboration between author and editor. Its two different things that go into those best selling results: right brained and left-brained, creative and critical. A good editor is your coach, cheerleader and co-conspirator. You can do spell check all by yourself!

Forget your family’s well-meaning comments right now; you needed their support in the beginning, to get the writing done. Now you need the support of people who know what sells. In order to take your book to the next level, get top-of-the-line editing and publishing services and unbiased advice.

Is it going to cost you? Yes. Sorry, but just like you can’t drive a Mercedes Benz for the price of a bicycle. Your new home design just won’t stand up without a competent architect checking those numbers and physics before you build; and learning how to play the piano doesn’t make you Mozart. Be real.

It takes years of hard practice to become great at anything and even then- you still need an editor and you just can’t compete with your “smart friend” editing your books.

Do your research, and when you find an editor that speaks to you as an artist, put them to the test. Get a sample edit, as with any other service, know that when someone tells you they are an editor, that does not mean they are any good, nor does it mean they will care about your work.  Traditionally published authors have professional editing, and not from editing mills either, but from real people they trust, to polish their work, discuss their ideas with, and who help and advise them to become better writers.

An unpolished cover will never stop a great self-published novel from succeeding and eventually finding its way into the hands of traditional publishers . Still, the next best thing self-published authors can do for themselves it to recognize that unless their day job is as an art director or marketing person, they probably are not the best person to design their own covers.


Q: What can writers do to receive a quote on your services? How can they find out more on your company?

To receive a quote for my services, writers can go to  And upload a 3-page sample to be edited free of charge.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my passion with you.

Best wishes and keep writing!


Mary McBeth


Urban Fiction Editor

1923 Bragg St # 140-2358 Sanford, NC, 27330

Tel: (704) 286-6142


Thank you Mary for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a few questions and give readers a bit of insight. Your always welcome here at Urban Fiction News.

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I decided to breach this subject after reading a few stories that attempted to capture the essence of love-making in their writing. Many have failed and many have caused my temperature to rise. There is an art to writing a steamy love scene in your novel that will make your readers thirsty for more. Here is my take on it.

Love Making vs. Sex

Many romance novels try to capture love-making in the story line and it’s always “passionate” however, urban fiction tales are usually graphic displays of sex and both can be great if done correctly. When I read love scenes right away I notice two things; first I notice if the writer is uncomfortable with the subject matter and second I notice if they are being graphic for graphics sake. Both are turn off’s in my book. My philosophy is “If you’re going to breach the subject go all IN” There is a big difference between the two and capturing the right mood in your writing is important if you want to relay the message accurately.

In order to capture it properly you must first know your characters. Each of your characters should feel like living, breathing people to you their creator. When you know your character you know their love-making style and what type of lover they are. This all plays into how you craft their love scene and what emotion it will produce in its reader. If your characters are in love its hotter when you make their love-making sensual versus raunchy (unless they are trying something new) If your characters are players or bad boys with an allergy to committment it is best that you create sex scenes that reflect that. This will help if he eventually falls in love and the reader will notice the difference in his love-making.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Love Scenes

Don’t: Please don’t be shy about writing in detail. This shows and its annoying for the reader. Good writers can work their story up to a steamy love scene and don’t deliver an expected love scene. While Great writers can lead you up to a love scene and into your bedroom.

Don’t: Please don’t be explicit unless the scene calls for it. Explicit details are not necessary when characters are ‘making love’  If your characters are in love and the opportunity arises for them to show it paint the picture of love with less vulgar word choices.

Don’t: Please don’t write with the dreaded ‘and then’ ‘and then’ ‘and then.’ This should be avoided like the plague. There is nothing worse and I do mean nothing more horrible than reading a sequence of actions rather than a fluid telling of events.

Don’t: Please don’t breach the subject if it makes you uncomfortable. All stories don’t have to have a love scene so never feel like you have to. Readers can pick up on an awkward love scene because your tone changes and you use weird descriptions that don’t flow.

Do: Please do paint a picture with your words. I personally enjoy love scenes that provoke the feeling of love. If its pure love or “true love” or a soul mate kind of love than it is best to focus on that.

Do: Please do listen to love songs for motivation. This always helps me when writing love scenes and or sex scenes. Music serves a good purpose in writing as it create a mood that you can draw upon. If your love scene is a bit more raunchy or explicit you may want to find a song that will put you in the right head space.

Do: Please do remember you are still writing a story. I can’t tell you how many writers lose their voice during love scenes like the love scene is separate from the rest of the story. Remember your voice and stay consistent throughout. Don’t take your characters out of ‘character’ so to speak.

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It has recently come to my attention that there are many individuals who are unclear about press releases and what it can do for their books. I wanted to clear up some of the cob webs as the urban fiction genre is a growing genre that can be very profitable. My favorite mantra is that it is vital for writers to learn their craft. Don’t just love to write but learn to love to market effectively.

In the world of marketing you must learn there will be some strategies that are free to low cost that are very effective. However, there are some strategies that may require a bit of money to help you get to your bottom line. Which is more money for your published books. Many urban fiction writers are afraid of being taken advantage of so they tend to stick to means that are free or very low cost, which can limit your sales potential. Be wise but don’t be closed minded.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a letter written directly to the media whether its radio, television, print (magazines or newspapers) bloggers and other media related websites. It’s the one thing that can get you in the door with movers and shakers. Press releases are sent directly to journalists, or decision makers who are already searching for news to discuss and cover.

How Can Press Releases Help?

Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned author or even a writer published by a traditional publishing house; press releases are necessary. Not only does a press release send your new book to the desk of decision makers but a well crafted press release lets the media know you exist. If you have already started marketing your books you know first hand how time consuming, daunting  and aggravating it can be to reach out to family and friends. It can be even more frustrating to reach out to Facebook friends and twitter followers who can block you if you push to hard.

Press releases help because having your work exposed to the right audience can change your literary life. Having a media outlet that influences the masses could make the difference between your story and the next writers. We know this to be true simply from looking at the influence Oprah has on the book buying audience. Many authors are reaping the financial rewards simply from sending a press release to the movers and shakers of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Targeted Press Releases

Just like any other marketing strategy you need to market to your target audience. Marketing to the ‘wrong’ audience is much like fishing in a lake with no fish sure you can catch a single fish occasionally. However, putting your bait in a lake overflowing with fish will allow you to reel in a huge catch. Urban fiction writers are faced with a dilemma unique to their chosen genre. The advertising opportunities are not currently broad enough to allow for a more traditional route. The one thing Urban Fiction writers have in their favor is they already know who their target audience is and that they are thirsty for their product. Pitching your book to hundreds and thousands of people who are looking for the next juicy tale will give you an advantage over writers who pitch to a ‘general’ reading audience.

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I recently found a few cool writing platforms that will help writers of any genre gain more exposure. It’s called Wattpad a Canadian based writing social network. It allows writers to post their work by the chapter or full manuscripts. Readers are allowed to read and vote on your content as well as discuss your work. It’s a social network specifically for writers. You can also rate your writing from PG, PG13 to Rated R.

How to use Wattpad for Marketing?

Creating a Wattpad account will give you excess to a large group of people interested in your genre of work. The benefits are countless starting with the great number of people who are already members. This allows you to create a large following, which can potentially attract traditional publishers if that is the route you wish to take. Another cool feature is that if you are already a published author you can give readers a sample of your work. When people have a sample they tend to leave feedback and reviews which all goes back to word of mouth marketing.

You will obviously need to create a profile and visit members. This is like any other social networking site when it comes to gaining friends. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours is the rules we must go by.

How to Use Bookrix for Marketing?

For starters Bookrix is a reading platform that has a great deal to offer its members. Members of Bookrix are about to upload their books for other readers for free or to sale their work. If you select the sell option your book will be made available to major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Scribd and all of the other major retailers. It helps if you already have a professionally done book cover. They provide your book with an ISBN which is mandatory if you plan on selling your work. It also has a large member base so the potential of having readers interesting in purchasing your work is great. I personally suggest you offer your work or a few chapters for free for a few months to get a fan base and then offer it for sale. Incredible marketing tool as it gives members and opportunity to better their craft, gain feedback from their target audience and make their book better before presenting it to the rest of the world.

To read the first three chapters of my recently released urban fiction book “Platinum Dust”  for FREE you can visit me on Wattpad @ search Platinum Dust to read the first three chapters

or you can visit Bookrix for the first three chapters @ search Platinum Dust for the first three chapters

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