Writing and Music: A Marriage Built to Last

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I thought it would be cool to take a brief break to discuss my literary process. It may actually be interesting to only myself but I will share none the less. I am one of those writers that seeks inspiration from a variety of sources but music is my creative muse. It has yet to fail me and often creates some of my best scenes to date. When I am writing whether it be a love scene, action or anger sequence I often look for music that matches the desired emotion. I first sit in silence, take a deep breath and then press play. Before I start writing I listen to the lyrics or allow the music to wash over me like a lyrical waterfall.

I usually don’t stop to think of what I want to say but let the music push my fingers forward. I may stop writing when the music stops but I may also press repeat until the scene is over. When I am done I find a friend and have them read. I never tell them what emotion I was  going for. If they say wow I felt in love or wow the character seemed really angry. I get excited because I was able to successfully capture the desired emotion. When I write I become my character. I become their voice and try my best to embody who they are and what they are and what they are all about.

For years music has inspired many creative types including visual artists and sculptors. I love how music has the ability to take you places. It has a way of going beyond your creative processes down into your very soul and changing your perspective. It can calm or enrage, Music combined with writing can actually become a marriage built to last. Simply because music often times prevent writers block, inspire your next theme or create the very feeling you are looking to write. It provokes an emotion that leaves a permanent impression not only with you but also with your readers.


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  1. JCerrone says:

    I definitely agree! I always use music in my writing and often cite songs in my work. I used to be a DJ and grew up with my father owning a recording studio, so music is a big part of my life. I really appreciate this subject… thanks for posting it!

  2. kcbaylor says:

    Thanks for the comment. Music is also a big part of my life as it actually helps me create some of my best characters!

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