Writer’s Block

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Fiction Writing Tips
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I’m currently working on my latest urban fiction adventure and I have everything in place. My marketing and promoting strategy, my publisher is all set up and ready to go. I even have an investor providing funds to help with marketing. My biggest stumbling block however is writer’s block. Everyday I have carved out some time to write a new chapter or two but the last week I have been feeling stalled.

I know my characters, I know my finale but writing all of the in between is causing me to freeze in this crazy writing journey. I am nearly done but can’t seem to just get there already. I have tried almost everything including listening to music, reading, drinking tea, watching my favorite television shows to give myself a break. I have sat in silence with nothing to distract me but the glare from my computer monitor.

This may sound crazy but when I go through bouts of inspiration I consider that my characters wanting to be heard. I have been pleading with them (my inner self) to strike me with an amazing few chapters to help me defeat writer’s block. I question how long its suppose to last or am I doomed to this wretched block of creativity for the next few weeks, months or God forbid another year.

I hate forcing myself to write when I am uninspired because I don’t want it to come off that way to my potential readers. I generally step away from my work for a few days to review it again with fresh eyes. This has unfortunately not been working for me lately. A few good strategies others have shared is listed below feel free to add a few of your own

  • Meditation
  •  Relaxing
  • Reading Fiction (in the same genre)
  • Listening to Music
  • Walking away (for a few days)
  • Freestyle writing (The act of writing about an unrelated topic)
  • Talking it out (speaking to trusted friends and family helps the creative juices to flow.

This last suggestion actually works best for me as I have come up with the ending to my story and the beginning of its sequel. Hoping to get out of my funk as the clock is slowly winding down.


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