So I have been a way for a while (well actually I had unexpected surgery) and as a result I have a lot of free time on my hands. Free time usually means more time to read and I am beginning to notice a central theme. The theme is an uprising of horrible storytelling. There is a growing collection of new authors who write in the way of my youngest four-year old niece and then, and then and then. It is this style of writing that blatantly tells the reading audience that the writer is in fact a non reader. I never realized this before now that a great master of words learns from other master storytellers. How else can one learn to avoid the dreaded and then?

I am a sucker for a good back story and I think every character should strike a chord within its reader. It is the development of your character that compels me to turn the page. The tide of your words should pull me in and the ebb and flow of your plot should gently than tumultuously carry me to a heart stopping waterfall. Once I have been dropped from the height of your story I should then drift to shore where I am free to think over my reading experience.

A true writer understands that its book cover is the bait that reels in the reader. You only have a few precious moments to hook me with the first chapter. Once lost I am gone forever and so is any future possibility of me buying another of your titles. My tiny piece of advice for any new and upcoming authors read and then read some more. Fall in love with reading and it will show up in your writing. Master the art of storytelling and you will have a waiting audience happy to receive you.

  1. Ryan Potter says:

    Nice post, KC. I couldn’t agree with you more. Good writers are good writers. Great writers are great readers. I think part of the reason we’re seeing so much awful fiction these days is because of how easy it is to publish eBooks. Self-publishing is great and I’ve totally embraced it, but let’s face it: there’s a lot of bad writing out there.


  2. I agree with your analysis of today’s “storytellers.” I am a former educator who taught English to 8th graders and college students. The common thread for these inexperienced writers is exposure. They have no imagination and if it’s not related to technology, the appreciation for literature and writing falls to the wayside. I had to create unique ways for students to find that riding is therapeutic and insightful. Now, the world of poorly written e-books has gone viral. So, those of us who love and appreciate the written word must continue to write and engage the new reader to a form/style that has been unfortunately forgotten.

    Write on,

  3. Sam says:

    Maybe Amazon should introduce some sort of peer review process for indie authors. Books could be peer reviewed for a minimum standard of formatting, grammar and so on.

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