Very happy to report the coming of my new Ebook “The No Bull Method To Publishing” A step by step guide to self-publishing and marketing fiction. Throughout all of my research on the topic of self-publishing and marketing I have learned that most of the information provided is filled with fluff. A bunch of fancy yet redundant words designed to walk the reader in circles.

Tons of information on publishing is floating around that really doesn’t tell you anything. It leaves you more confused or just as uninformed as you were before. I am a true writer who seriously enjoys informing the masses on doing what they love writing! “The No Bull Method To Publishing” is a straight to the point guide that shows you each step of the publishing process and then transitions into the second phase which is effective marketing.

You get all of what you want, which is actual DIY information with exact websites and steps to follow to see your dream come to pass. You can now join the world of people actually ‘doing’ and no longer talking about their dreams.

The hardest part in the writing and publishing process is actually getting started. When given quality information with actual steps to follow anyone can be successful. “The No Bull Method to Publishing” is filled with information from the best self publishers of fiction, editors, printers, distributors and the exact marketing methods to maximize your exposure. Lists of services are provided with links to visit their websites. Just like my blog the ebook provides an extensive list of services with the exact steps to follow. No fluff, no beating around the bush only real information at your fingertips.

Please look out for my Ebook Launch Party taking place in a few weeks where free giveaways and contests will be going on for the entire day.


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