Writing an urban fiction is the easy part having it edited is a completely different animal. Most urban fiction novels are riddled with slang words, street terms and foul language, which requires a special kind of editor. All editors are not created equally and some may not understand that the “ain’t” and “sucka”  in your book was spelled and written that way on purpose. However, I am a firm believer that editing is necessary for all serious writers.

That being said there are different types of editing services and the price can range from affordable to down right “Are you kidding me?” (said in my most sarcastic voice) I have compiled a listing of editors specializing in urban fiction. My list starts with the more expensive and works its way to down to the more affordable. (Think of it as a big pill that starts out difficult to swallow but gets easier on its way down.) I will also be sharing any personal experiences with any of the editing services. Some companies don’t list prices so I will have them listed at the bottom. Happy Learning!!

Karen Adams Editing www.karenadamsediting.com

Karen Adams editing services are pretty standard offering copyediting, proofreading, substantial editing and developmental editing. Just to give you a clear understanding of each service copyediting is basically your first round of editing. It corrects grammar and spelling issues and makes sure the text meets printing guidelines. Next is substantial editing, which in simplest terms is used when your manuscript has a crippling amount of errors and publishing can’t go on until its done. Proofreading is the last step in the editing process and is generally done as a once over before the book goes to print. Developmental editing is a fancy way to say checking for story cohesion. It makes sure your storyline, plot and characters are fully developed.

The editor is fully qualified as they have both a bachelor’s degree and a graduates degree. A hard quote can only be provided after a sample of your work is received but a price range is provided which is $0.50 to $5.00 per page. If your manuscript is a standard 65,000 words or roughly 256 pages you are looking at upwards of $1,250.

Book Editing Services www.book-editing-services.com

Book Editing Services have an entire section on their website dedicated to urban fiction writers. They offer an instant quote based on the amount of words and your title’s genre. The quote I received on an urban fiction novel of 65,000 words came up to $835. Services offered under that price includes editing of grammar and spelling, checking the flow of your writing and punctuation. The price increases if you need a fast turn around time.

21st Street Urban Editing www.21streeturbanediting.com

I ran across this editing service first and must say they seem to have a clear understanding of what’s needed in an urban fiction book. They provide a mixture of both light or heavy editing. They understand urban dialogue and do not want to change the tone of your work. So far this editing service seems to relate more to the urban fiction genre and had the most recommendations from other urban fiction writers and publishers. The price for editing is $2.99 per page which means you are looking at $765.44 for a novel of 256 pages.

Let’s Talk Urban www.letstalkurban.com

Let’s Talk Urban is the lowest priced editing service I have found offering services such as spelling, grammar and punctuation checks. They are also the only services that provided a price range for basic services starting at $1.75 per page up to 250 pages which is an amount of $437.50 any pages over that is $1.25 per page over. Full editing services is priced at $2.50 per page up to 250 pages at a total amount of $625 any page over is an additional $2.00.

Now onto the editing services that specializes in urban fiction without a quote listed on their website.

U Can Mark My Word www.ucanmarkmyword.com

They offer all of the same services like copyediting, proofreading and developmental editing as the other companies listed above. The website does not list prices but offers you the option of requesting a rate sheet. I filled out the form for the rate sheet but was emailed a file I couldn’t open. To their credit they tried to correct the problem and resent me the same file and I was still unsuccessful in opening it. May be you will have better luck requesting quotes.

Two Songbirds Press www.twosongbirdspress.com

This editing service provide urban fiction writers line editing, substantial edits and manuscript critiques to name a few. They don’t have a price list but I did like that they offer a 15 to 30 minute telephone consultation. No other service I found offers that.

Malone Editorial www.maloneeditorial.com

What I noticed right away is the excitement that jumps off of the page. The editor is also an award-winning author and you can tell. Their site exudes enthusiasm and you get a real sense that they love what they do. Though no price is listed a unique service they provide is a written report offered at the end of the service explaining the strength and weaknesses of your manuscript. I thought this was pretty cool being an author I enjoy getting constructive criticism.

Each service listed above provides services with the unique requirements of an urban fiction novel. Check to see if the company will be a right fit for you and your book and remember you always have creative control over your work. The final decision is always yours!


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