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With the rapidly approaching Re-Release of Platinum Dust (Part One) I’ve decided to let my reading audience in because I value your opinion. I have provided a free preview of my book in the My Book section at the top under Platinum Dust. The first chapter are available there with a warning Adult Content!!. Perfect opportunity for avid urban fiction readers to get a glimpse of my debut urban fiction novel and also for readers wanting to review me!!!! Hope you enjoy and always feel free to let me know what you think!!!

Platinum Dust follows the life of a self-proclaimed playboy Raheim Starz. Raheim is the son of a dead man and the woman who killed him. Kicked out of his home at the age of 11 for looking like his father he is dead set against being like both his parents. He avoids love at all cost and has a woman for every night of the week until his Friday girl Felicia does the unexpected that is. One fateful night in a nightclub will send him down the road of redemption, forgiveness and into the arms of the only woman ready to love him. After the dust settles on Raheim’s platinum life style you will be surprised to see who is the last man standing.

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I love a good story especially one that is written by a great storyteller. Two Way Mirrors appeared to be a story of a young woman in love with the typical bad boy but readers soon find out that is all on the surface. The story follows the tale of Angela Delimar a young lady who shares a close bond with her mother, is in love with her incarcerated bad boy and does things she doesn’t care for the world to know. Through a series of events which include deep family secrets and breathtaking brutality Angela finds herself fighting for not only her life but for her sanity. She is in a race to find out the one woman who can expose the truth and help Angela heal but will the ever elusive stranger come from out of the shadows long enough?

I loved how well the story was told. There were scenes that literally had me flipping the pages anxious to know what would happen next. There were also some scenes I could have lived without such as excessive details at the most inappropriate times. Overall I would rank Two Way Mirrors a 4 star **** read and I think it’s a read that doesn’t disappoint. Excited to see what else this author can come up with.

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I wanted to keep my loyal readers, authors and followers updated on the happenings of Urban Fiction News. Being an author takes A LOT of hard work, energy, diligence, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears. It invokes labor pains, loss of friendships, marital discord and I can go on and on (I promise) however, it won’t be in vain. Urban Fiction News is taking things a bit further by crossing over into an online magazine.

Not only will authors have a new platform to promote their books and book covers but will all have an opportunity to participate in book trailer wars, (competitions) author spotlights, interviews and so much more. Authors interested in being one of the first to be interviewed on the online magazine platform should email me @ I am extremely dedicated to spreading the news of up and coming Indie/self-published authors who may otherwise not have a place to be seen or heard. The online magazine will always provide real information and resources to any fiction writer especially those writing Urban Fiction.

The key to more book sales is exposure and the road to success means making your books more visible to the public. If knowledge is power don’t knowingly remain powerless. Urban Fiction News plans to be the biggest resource provider for authors and readers of fiction. Period!

Excited about the move and hope to see you all there!!

Another great feature to be released on Urban Fiction News is “EXCUSE ME, YOUR CRAZY IS SHOWING”


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If you are interested in writing an urban fiction book or if you have already finished writing your masterpiece you may want to take a look at these urban fiction publishers. The big boys in the urban fiction publishing game are Triple Crown Publications, The Cartel Publications and W. Clark Publishing but there are many publishing houses breaking into the game and creating best-selling authors. I’ve created a listing of the top five new urban fiction publishers that new writers may find literary success with. Remember to follow submission guidelines to a T if you want your work to be seen and not tossed to the garbage pile. Create a compelling synopsis also and if you don’t know what or how to write a synopsis follow my blog for an upcoming post showing you how. Thanks again.

Delphine Publications

Delphine publications is a five-year old urban fiction publishing company started by Tamika Newhouse. It has produced numerous award-winning best sellers including Ms. Newhouse herself. Though its only five years old it already has a long roster of authors and recently released urban fiction titles for 2013. They are currently accepting submissions but only deal primarily with urban fiction titles. Follow the submission guidelines carefully and make sure your work is polished when submitting if you want to be taken seriously. Follow the link for their submission guidelines.

Le’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing

Le’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing was started by an award-winning business owner Michele Cameron-Fletcher. She has won Essence magazine’s best-selling author awards for her title ‘Charge it to the game’  Talks of the novel becoming a movie is currently in the works with Nicki Minaj as the leading character. They are also accepting submissions and have simple submission guidelines. Visiting the link below will allow you to read the instructions to give your book a chance at publication.

Voices Books and Publishing

Voices Books and Publishing is founded by Brenda Hampton. She like most fiction writers started her own publishing company producing authors that were eventually picked up by larger traditional publishing houses. That is a big deal especially if you are looking to get your foot in the door. This publishing house accepts manuscripts for all types of African-American literature so don’t be shy if you aren’t an urban fiction writer. What I like this company also is that it has a down home feel to the website. for submission information you must send your manuscript. Follow the link for their guidelines.

Life Changing Books

I mentioned this publishing company in a previous post but thought they were worth another mention. It is a ten-year old company that has already made its mark in the urban fiction game. Many of this company’s authors go on to become best-selling authors. It is owned by Azazel an author whose claim to fame was with their debut urban fiction tale ‘A Life to Remember’  They are currently accepting submissions and provide their guidelines on their site. You can get a feel for the type of work they accept by browsing through their bookstore. Bring your A game when you submit your work.!__submissions


Now that you have the top 4 up and coming urban fiction publishing houses be sure to read over their submission guidelines. Following instructions are a great way to start out on the right foot and show that you are not an amateur. If you have liked what you read please remember to like my posts.

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I wanted to take a moment to go over the Urban Fiction Genre. Urban Fiction is a rapidly growing genre written in an urban setting with predominately black or latino characters. It provides readers with an in your face depiction of city living that ranges from murder, adultery, cheating, prison, violence and sex all of which are glamorized sensationally.

The urban fiction genre gives writers an opportunity to challenge their imagination, create over the top characters with even larger than life situations. Readers of the genre enjoy the drama and the ability to live vicariously through its characters. Below I have provided a list of recently released titles and the most popular.

Recently Released Urban Fiction!!!!

The Teflon Queen PT 2        The Prada Plan 3: Green-Eyed Monster   Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard: An Urban Tale

The Ex-Wife   The Man in 3B   Friends & Foes   Dare to Be Tempted

Most popular Urban Fiction!!!!

Honor Thy Thug   The Coldest Winter Ever    Dutch Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America   Zane's Everything Fades Away: An eShort Story      Pretty Kings (The Cartel Publications Presents)  Flyy Girl   Milk in My Coffee

To find out what all the Urban Fiction buzz is about search major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you would like to read the first three chapters of Platinum Dust follow me on wattpad and start reading.

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