Just a quick blurb as I have been getting tons of emails with authors asking very good questions. Questions have been ranging from where can they find a good editor, can I recommend a good cover designer, how can they spread the word about their new books? Many of these answers can be found by searching through my previous posts as I try to cover many of these topics for everyone. However, The NO Bull Method to Publishing is also available if you’d like to have all of the information right at your fingertips. Thanks again everyone and much success on your literary journey!!!!



or for more details visit http://www.thenobullmethod.net

  1. I am going to check out this book! ASAP

  2. Michele Mitchell says:

    First I want to say I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with others. I do also plan on buying your book for future questions. I’ve wrote a novel and I’m currently working on my 2nd. I sent my 1st novel to a company who said they made be interested. Their guidelines say a final response takes 30 to 60 days. Oct 16th will be 90 days. Since I haven’t heard back yet should I be concerned?
    Thank you for your time

    • kcbaylor says:

      Usually companies reach out to individuals they wish to move forward with. If you haven’t heard back the best option is to send a quick message asking for a status update on your manuscript. Still no answer move on.

  3. Great post, very-much enjoyed it. You might be interested in this horror novel

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