The urban fiction genre is picking up steam with more and more titles being released each month. With the growing amount of popularity in the drama filled genre comes an insatiable desire to read more. I have been receiving more and more questions on reading free urban fiction titles so I have decided to dedicate a posts for it. There are a few different resources that will allow readers to get their hands on the latest releases for free.

Free Urban Fiction on Websites

There are many websites that provide readers with an opportunity to read urban fiction for free such as Bookrix and Wattpad to name a few. They both offer a place for writers to post their stories to a large audience. Readers can search the term urban fiction to get a complete listing of titles and read to their heart’s content. Readers are also able to follow their favorite writers and receive notifications when new additions or new books are posted.

Become an Urban Fiction Reviewer

If you love to read urban fiction and you also love sharing your opinions or thoughts the best way to get urban fiction books sent to you is becoming a reviewer. You can share with the urban fiction world that you are a book reviewer by posting on your social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.  You can also join African-American or urban fiction groups and post your contact information up requesting hard copy books to be mailed to you directly or e books to be delivered to your email. Many new writers of the genre are looking for book reviews to help spread the word on their new book. They set aside a number of books to gift to reviewers in exchange for a book review. This is a win/win for both parties because authors get their book seen and word of mouth marketing reviews that are able to boost their visibility and reviewers get all of the latest titles before they are hot and can influence a following of readers looking for the truth about their next read.

Urban Fiction in Your Local Library

This may seem like an obvious choice but a few years ago many libraries didn’t have many urban fiction tales to choose from. With the growing demand many local libraries have decided to purchase more and more titles that are compelling more membership sign ups. So arm yourself with a library card and take out as many urban fiction titles allowed. This is a both a cost-effective method and you can return the books when you are done so no need to purchase large bookshelves to keep all of your best reads.

Hope this gave you urban fiction book lovers a few new ideas on getting the latest urban fiction titles for free. If you’d like to get a glimpse of my recently released urban fiction title Platinum Dust you can visit both Bookrix or Wattpad and enter the book’s name in the search.


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