If you are interested in writing an urban fiction book or if you have already finished writing your masterpiece you may want to take a look at these urban fiction publishers. The big boys in the urban fiction publishing game are Triple Crown Publications, The Cartel Publications and W. Clark Publishing but there are many publishing houses breaking into the game and creating best-selling authors. I’ve created a listing of the top five new urban fiction publishers that new writers may find literary success with. Remember to follow submission guidelines to a T if you want your work to be seen and not tossed to the garbage pile. Create a compelling synopsis also and if you don’t know what or how to write a synopsis follow my blog for an upcoming post showing you how. Thanks again.

Delphine Publications

Delphine publications is a five-year old urban fiction publishing company started by Tamika Newhouse. It has produced numerous award-winning best sellers including Ms. Newhouse herself. Though its only five years old it already has a long roster of authors and recently released urban fiction titles for 2013. They are currently accepting submissions but only deal primarily with urban fiction titles. Follow the submission guidelines carefully and make sure your work is polished when submitting if you want to be taken seriously. Follow the link for their submission guidelines.  http://delphinepublications.com/home/submissions.html

Le’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing

Le’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing was started by an award-winning business owner Michele Cameron-Fletcher. She has won Essence magazine’s best-selling author awards for her title ‘Charge it to the game’  Talks of the novel becoming a movie is currently in the works with Nicki Minaj as the leading character. They are also accepting submissions and have simple submission guidelines. Visiting the link below will allow you to read the instructions to give your book a chance at publication.


Voices Books and Publishing

Voices Books and Publishing is founded by Brenda Hampton. She like most fiction writers started her own publishing company producing authors that were eventually picked up by larger traditional publishing houses. That is a big deal especially if you are looking to get your foot in the door. This publishing house accepts manuscripts for all types of African-American literature so don’t be shy if you aren’t an urban fiction writer. What I like this company also is that it has a down home feel to the website. for submission information you must send your manuscript. Follow the link for their guidelines.


Life Changing Books

I mentioned this publishing company in a previous post but thought they were worth another mention. It is a ten-year old company that has already made its mark in the urban fiction game. Many of this company’s authors go on to become best-selling authors. It is owned by Azazel an author whose claim to fame was with their debut urban fiction tale ‘A Life to Remember’  They are currently accepting submissions and provide their guidelines on their site. You can get a feel for the type of work they accept by browsing through their bookstore. Bring your A game when you submit your work.



Now that you have the top 4 up and coming urban fiction publishing houses be sure to read over their submission guidelines. Following instructions are a great way to start out on the right foot and show that you are not an amateur. If you have liked what you read please remember to like my posts.

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