For everyone who didn’t catch my article on 5 Reasons you need a Book Publicist I have decided to interview one of the publicity firms that I wrote about which was Makeda Smith with Jazzmyne PR

Q: When reading your bio I was extremely impressed with you and your desire to fight the odds. Being a woman and a single mother what caused you to start your own PR firm?

Thank you ~  I initially started my own agency for two reasons – the first being my father was self-employed and he instilled within me to ‘always work for yourself – be your own boss.’  The second reason is at the time – my oldest daughter ( now 31 ) was five or six years old – and I wanted to spend more quality time with her and be home with her more.

Q: Your business started at home and is about to celebrate over 20 years of being a successful home based Public Relations Firm. What would you attribute your success too? 

We are actually celebrating 25 years now! I attribute the longevity to my tenacity, perseverance and faith. I also follow the rule of giving clients more than what they pay for!

Q: What would you say to authors looking for marketing solutions or a good publicist but think its outside of their reach?

Well my first thought is to change your mindset – nothing is outside of your reach these days!  With that in mind, Google is one of the greatest resources on the planet – start there and do your research!  Many of my clients have found me via a Google search!

Q: What types of services does Jazzmyne Public Relations offer?

Our agency specializes in generating publicity – which is creating media exposure on the client’s behalf.  Publicity is important for long-term branding.

Q: What big name celebrities have you worked with?

In the realm of 25 years it’s been many – our roster has included Jamie Foxx, Mo’Nique and Dorien Wilson, Kevin Eubanks, Michael Baisden, Laila Ali, Raven Symone, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Vivica Foxx, J. Anthony Brown, Anna Nicole and the list goes on and on …..


Q: Does your PR firm work with authors?

Yes!  We love our independent authors as well!  We assist them with getting ‘the word’ out about their new publications and create a media voice for them.

Q: Where is your business going in the near future?

It has been 25 long years and I am extremely grateful for them.  For the future, I’m just looking to continue to provide excellent and affordable pr services to those in need of them.

Q: How can authors and companies looking for quality public relations service find you. 

Our website is A sampling of our work with authors can be found at .

We are also on Facebook at Jazzmyne Public Relations and Twitter @makedaqueen.  They can also email us at

Thank you so much to Urban Fiction News for the interview! Blessings ~

  1. Keisha Bass says:

    Thanks! This is very helpful and keeps me hopeful at finding affordable representation!!!

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