Book Review: A Bucket Full of Lies by Robert K. Swisher Jr

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was invited to read A Bucket Full of Lies written by Robert K. Swisher jr. The book follows the life of Bob Roosevelt an ex-military man/Hippie looking for love but finding none. He takes up a journey of self-exploration that leads him into limitless danger. He has a rather outspoken Guardian Angel that has a taste for fast women and a heaven sent purpose of protecting Mr. Roosevelt. One night at a greasy spoon restaurant in the small town of Des Moines Iowa he runs into an old friend with large problems. The story falls under mystery however, I found the Guardian angel a bit of an un-welcomed distraction. His fore sight often gave away the next string of “could have been exciting” events. I would have much liked the story better without the wayward angel sent to give the story away.

Overall Mr. Swisher tells a good tale and the tone of his story is believable. I rated the story 3 stars due to its lack of mystery as it is intended to be a tale of suspense. To find your copy of A Bucket Full of Lies visit the link below.


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