Book Review: Chicago Style by R. Felini

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Despite the unappetizing book cover the story is good enough to sink your teeth into.  This short story gives readers an inside look into a collection of ex-military men on a mission. It’s very real depiction of Chicago street life is picked straight from the headlines. The story starts off on a train station and quickly leads to a bout of payback on the cities notorious criminals. The mission is simple to eliminate criminals that beat, or avoid justice. What I found most interesting about the author’s writing style is his narrative. I felt myself comparing the narrative to my favorite show “Burn Notice”

Its style is very descriptive, almost like they are trying to tell you a secret so you had better lean close enough to hear or you just might miss it. Overall all I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to any reader looking for a bit more insight into Chicago street life and how easily things could be handled if ex-military decided to get involved. The only things I found a bit disturbing was how the author occasionally spoke directly to the reader. This could be a bit off-putting but other than that a great read.  I would have also liked to see him provide more details into the lives of each character or at least the main character.

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