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The starving artist doesn’t just apply to our friends of the visual arts. Many writers find themselves writing simply for the joy of it. For a writer being paid for your creative craft is a lifetime dream that many will never actually see fulfilled. However, with a change of mindset and a good strategy I believe you can and will go far. I don’t claim to have all of the answers or even half as I grow each day in my pursuit of knowledge. I am very happy to share what little knowledge I gain with my readers. That being said I have accumulated a few free or low-cost advertising methods for self-published authors that may be helpful.

Book Buzzr

I came across Book Buzzr looking for a low-cost method to market my novel Platinum Dust. I thought it was engaging enough providing me with a way to show and promote my books through games and social networking. Authors are able to upload their book covers and a few sample chapters. You also have the ability to create trivia around your book or its genre and allow readers a chance to win a free copy of your work. Very cool and engaging opportunity. Some of their ads can be seen on the “my books” page of my blog.  You can also check them out at


One of the fastest growing book publicity platforms. Many authors are impressed with the amount of exposure you can receive on Bookdaily. Authors sign up for free and provide profile information along with a book cover and sample chapters. Bookdaily sends your book information including the sample chapters to thousands of potential readers through their newsletter. Great exposure potential. visit

African-American Literature Book Club (aalbc)

The African-American Literature Book Club is one of the Largest  sources for African-American authors looking to spread the word about their titles. They have a large and constant stream of visitors to their websites both looking for new books to read and staying in the know. With low-cost and affordable advertising your book can be promoted all over the site, which equals greater exposure. Visit.

Joey Pinkney

Offers authors a great amount of exposure providing very, very affordable ads and banner space and even author interviews. He has thousands of followers on multiple social marketing sites which gives authors more reach. Joey Pinkney also does author interviews.

Goodreads Author Program

By now you should have heard of Goodreads if not you have been truly limited in your marketing efforts. Goodreads is a book platform allowing both readers and authors to connect and share. Readers are able to show what books they are reading at the moment, wish to read in the future and what they think about the book. Authors are able to do the same but better they can reach their target audience. Both are able to join groups and engage one another.

Goodreads authors are also given the ability to promote or create an ad using the Goodreads author program. You as the author control the budget and write your own ad with a copy of the cover. The Goodreads team then approve the ad and start promoting it throughout the site directly to your target reading audience.

Nita Bee’s Buzzin Books

This weblog is a great resource for writers looking to market their work directly to their reading audience. Low price ads offered to authors to have a copy of their book cover posted on all pages on the site.  Visit

African-Americans on the Move Book Club (aambc)

Needless to say book clubs offer an endless amount of opportunity to authors. Not only do book clubs provide you with a potentially large readership but also increased book clubs and future fans of your work. The aambc book club has great reach offering book ads, book reviews and public relations services. They even host book awards, which looks good when marketing on other platforms. Visit

EDC Creations Media Group

It’s no secret that books can’t sell if they aren’t seen. EDC creations does just that. They put your title in front of more than 152,000 subscribers through their newsletter. They offer radio interviews, advertising and book tours and also email blasts. I think their services are the most affordable for the reach and don’t break an authors budget.

“A good author writes their story but a “Great” author gets it read” Most of the resources I provided above allows authors who are not the best at marketing to spread the word without approaching their reading audience. However, authors with a true hustler’s spirit will reach the masses with a fierceness that can only be matched with their desire to write. You have the power to take your literary career to the next level so don’t allow others to dictate it. Be wise in your pursuit and never give up even if in the face of what looks like defeat.

I will share a quick quote that my baby sister shared with me a few years ago that has stuck with me.

“98% of people will give up on their dreams right at the door of their success”

I hope you find these resources helpful and remember to come back often as I am always updating and adding on.

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