Slave to the Trade by Percy Levy

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Slave To The Trade

I would like to start this review a bit differently. I am often approached by aspiring writers who may have already decided to go the self-publishing route and they are looking for a boost on what may or may not be a great read. However, I knew this book would be different simply from the eloquence the writer used in their request for a review. I was sold from the synopsis and that alone speaks volumes. Now on to the good stuff!

Slave to the Trade is a story about a once big-time pimp who arrogantly calls himself A.D. His recent release from prison finds him quickly trying to recover his pimp game from a now modern-day Seattle. Officer Pratt has been waiting for the release of A.D for years and the story heats up quickly when the two finally face off it will take you on a ride. This story was better than a surprise. I enjoyed every word from start to finish and even had to pull my daughters away from attempting to read as they are only teens. Percy Levy could easily battle Donald Goines or Iceberg Slim in a literary battle with true to life characters that make you open your eyes and relate. Unlike many urban fiction pimp stories filled with the glitz and glamour the author takes you on a ride of humanity. He exposes the street life in a way that helps its readers relate. The only thing I would change is the one page chapters.

The book is currently being sold on Amazon and I would recommend it to any love of the genre. For your copy follow the links below

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