A Gangster’s Melody by Sean A. Wright

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Gangster's Melody

I always have my eyes peeled for a great urban fiction tale. So when I was introduced to A Gangster’s Melody by Sean A. Wright I thought I would read it with an open mind.  I was afraid of being exposed to a host of gangster cliché’s that this genre is famous for. However, I was pleasantly surprised the author was able to take me on a literary head spin.

A Gangster’s Melody is about Tiffany a young woman recently “orphaned” by both parents in a brutal case of homicide/suicide. She finds herself thrusts into the fast life of big money, sex for hire and one of the top movers and shakers in the music industry. She is forced to make big moves with pressure coming from a hateful bible toting, hypocrite of a grandmother that leads her to life changing circumstances. When she meets the smooth talking Travon, a sophisticated player with a mean streak. Unknowingly Tiffany will find herself in the middle of a deadly battle.

Sean A. Wright is a master at telling a good tale and had me anxious to get to the ending which is insane. (No spoilers from me!) You will love Monica the young hood rich leader of Stiletto Diva’s. Monica was my favorite character because she was a boss and she knew how to play the game. She also had an ‘I don’t care what the world says about me’ personality. The action in the story will have you hooked and the graphic details will have you reading with your hands over your eyes peeking through cause you can’t look away. I am off to read the sequel and will post my review here. The only thing I would have changed about the story is showing more of the grandmother’s christian side before showing how over the top and ratchet she really was.

A Gangster’s Melody part one and two are both sold on Amazon. Follow the link below if you are ready to be wrapped up in a hood melody you’ll be talking about for days.



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