I recently had a conversation with a loved one who said there comes a time when you should put your dreams aside and start walking in reality. They debated the reality of working hard on a regular 9 to 5 and putting dreams on the back burner or worse turning them into hobbies. I fought back the growing desire to be offended especially since I am in my early 30’s and still working hard to see my ‘dream’ of being a well-known author become  a reality. This conversation led me to the question what is the reality of a writer?

In many cases writers spend years working on that one novel or story that may never make it to print or even on to paper. Many writers will also find themselves on the same boat with hundreds of thousands of others who write their book but receive rejection letters. Many authors will become discouraged after their book is put into print. Many authors will never see income from their works however, is this really the reality of a writer?

I put some thought into this and came up with my own theory. Writers who don’t plan on becoming book promoters will not have much to look forward to. If you only plan on writing a great story but not giving it your all in the marketing department than you will be a relatively unknown author. However, if you put into motion the necessary steps to succeed your work can make it.

I often think of how much effort and energy I put into my day job. How much money I have made them over the years and how confident I am with offering their customers products and services. However, I feel a bit timid when promoting my own work. I believe it’s because it’s a bit more personal and intimate sharing a part of yourself with the world. I also believe it’s because if the customer rejects my company’s offerings it doesn’t say anything about me. No one wants to have their work judged or rejected as it hurts deeper than any cut.

Dreaming as it relates to writing can’t be ignored or turned into a hobby as it often pours out of the natural writer like water from a faucet. There is never an age limit on when a dream can be fulfilled. J.K Rowling was 31 when her Harry Potter manuscript was accepted by Bloomsbury Press. A story she was working on for 6 years before it was finally picked up.

I can only imagine where she would be if she gave up on her dream even when her story was rejected repeatedly!!!!

Dreams are wonderful things and they are only as hard to reach as you are willing to extend your hand to grab them. I refuse to give up on mine and I only see my dreams as inevitable realities waiting for me to arrive.

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  1. I love this post! Sometimes I get discouraged too. Great message.

    • kcbaylor says:

      Occasionally we will all get discouraged as life tosses us to an fro however, those that persist will see victory after the storm. If it were easy we probably wouldn’t appreciate it that much but when you have to fight for it, it tastes sweeter

  2. Lloyd says:

    See that? This is what happens when we deal with people who:refuse to allow themselves to dream or think outside of a self-imposed box, have allowed their dreams to die, or who’ve stopped dreaming altogether. I understand that there are those who are practical thinkers…they tend to think that 9-5 sweat and tears, or busting ass with 2 or more jobs is the only way to get ahead. (Certainly nothing wrong with that. If you have bills or kids then you do what you gotta do)But they don’t realize that many of the things they use are the result of not only someone’s hard work, but also the result of a dream that has been realized. We have to wonder if the people who feel as though they were placed in our lives to “keep it real” are doing so because they don’t wish to see us hurt and disappointed, or because they don’t want to see us go for ours and actually get it. I say, NEVER allow ANYONE to dull our shine, or hold up our progress…if we do, then shame on us!

    • kcbaylor says:

      Very true, I often find myself surrounded by the typical 9 to 5er. They are usually easy to spot as they are bored, crabby or just down right depressed. Dreamers/doers are often happy and passionate people out enjoying life and always looking for ways to make ‘it’ happen. Thanks for commenting.

  3. T. Stanley says:

    Great article! I feel the same way 🙂

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  5. Big Daddy says:

    I think it is also important to have at least one person in your corner who isn’t there just to gas you up to make you feel good but someone who can objectively say “yes you are great and you need to pursue your dreams”. We should all have a partner that loves us that much to be honest and supportive.

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  7. Thanks Urban Fiction News,

    This article resonates with me RIGHT NOW as I work on getting my manuscript complete (1st Draft) as well as start & promote my publishing company. Any suggestions for the newbie?


    Ken Lawrence Jr. a.k.a. DJ Kool Ken
    (Author for the book: “GANGSTA’S, STRIPPER’S & TIPPER’S: MEMOIRS OF A DJ”)

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