Book Review: Fourteen Pages by James Fant

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Fourteen Pages

We all know that divorce can be a messy situation and author James Fant has managed to take the messy blows of a marriage in the midst of a storm and document the process beautifully. Marco and Venice Goldsmith are newly weds who finds out how hard marriage really can be. With the honeymoon phase clearly miles away from the wedding the chapel they find themselves coming to blows more and more frequently.

Just when divorce seems inevitable and the only option to a tumultuous marriage they meet a counselor offering an unexpected solution. A 14 page contract that may be just what the young couple needs to stay married.

What I loved about the story is how eloquent the tone was. The author managed to engage me by painting a picture of total dispair and then victory from the imminece of separation. I felt the hurt Marco felt when he heard the words ‘I hate you’ spill from his once happy bride. I would give this read a 4 out of 5 stars. The only critique would be the accessive amount of times they use the characters name throughout the story and how they explained any slang they used or gave the definitions of some of the words used. Other than that the story is a great read and readers of a good story that flows then give Fourteen Pages a try. It is available by following the link

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