I recently found a few cool writing platforms that will help writers of any genre gain more exposure. It’s called Wattpad a Canadian based writing social network. It allows writers to post their work by the chapter or full manuscripts. Readers are allowed to read and vote on your content as well as discuss your work. It’s a social network specifically for writers. You can also rate your writing from PG, PG13 to Rated R.

How to use Wattpad for Marketing?

Creating a Wattpad account will give you excess to a large group of people interested in your genre of work. The benefits are countless starting with the great number of people who are already members. This allows you to create a large following, which can potentially attract traditional publishers if that is the route you wish to take. Another cool feature is that if you are already a published author you can give readers a sample of your work. When people have a sample they tend to leave feedback and reviews which all goes back to word of mouth marketing.

You will obviously need to create a profile and visit members. This is like any other social networking site when it comes to gaining friends. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours is the rules we must go by.

How to Use Bookrix for Marketing?

For starters Bookrix is a reading platform that has a great deal to offer its members. Members of Bookrix are about to upload their books for other readers for free or to sale their work. If you select the sell option your book will be made available to major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Scribd and all of the other major retailers. It helps if you already have a professionally done book cover. They provide your book with an ISBN which is mandatory if you plan on selling your work. It also has a large member base so the potential of having readers interesting in purchasing your work is great. I personally suggest you offer your work or a few chapters for free for a few months to get a fan base and then offer it for sale. Incredible marketing tool as it gives members and opportunity to better their craft, gain feedback from their target audience and make their book better before presenting it to the rest of the world.

To read the first three chapters of my recently released urban fiction book “Platinum Dust”  for FREE you can visit me on Wattpad @

http://www.wattpad.com search Platinum Dust to read the first three chapters

or you can visit Bookrix for the first three chapters @

http://www.bookrix.com search Platinum Dust for the first three chapters

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