I have decided to write this post specifically for the urban fiction genre because the information is powerful and can change the life of your book and its sales. Many new writers are like fishes out of water. They may know that they want to write and to be recognized for their work but many are not salesmen or even marketing specialist. The many you finish writing your book and decide to have it published you stop being a writer and put on the hat of sales/marketing professional. Below is some information on the power of book reviews and why is important for your marketing campaigns.

What is a Book Review?

I know this is not kindergarten but just for the sake of spelling things out a book review is a first hand opinion on your book from someone who has read it. It’s as simple as that.

Other Peoples Opinions

Follow me for a moment down memory lane it will be a short trip, I promise. When is the last time you bought anything based on the opinion of someone else? Whether it was a home goods item, a service or even movie tickets. If you answer honestly you may find the opinions of others is an important part of many of your buying decisions. No one wants to take a risk on the unknown and when others gives a rave review you are more willing to spend your money. Why is that? Simple actually, a good review from a trusted source leaves you feeling confident you will get value for your dollar. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on crap!

How Can Book Reviews Help You?

Urban Fiction book reviews can help you in multiple ways the first is it provides a bit of credibility to your novel. The more positive reviews you receive the more willing others are to buy the book also. It’s the best type of marketing, word of mouth marketing. A well written urban novel gives the reader enough drama to keep them talking to everyone that will listen. When others see them reading they ask questions and you want them to rave about it. If you are a reader of urban fiction also you know how powerful word of mouth recommendation are. Look at “Fly Girl” written by Omar Tyree that book literally swept through my high school and into the hands of every other teen girl I knew in the city just from word of mouth.

If you have written an urban fiction tale you need to make sure you get as many reviews as possible on your titles. This is especially important on sites like Amazon because it helps your title rank higher on their search engine. The more visible your title the greater the potential to make sales.  


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