Appetite of Floyd (Volume 1) Review

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Appetite of Floyd (Volume 1)I recently was invited to review the newly released title the ‘Appetite of Floyd’ Happy to accept the invitation I cozied up with a cup of tea and prepared myself to be entertained. The beginning pages immediately set out to sweep you up in a fast paced bank heist. It quickly goes sour with a double cross designed to have anyone devastated and propelled forward through the first chapter. However, it quickly takes a turn into the land of confusion as the main character Godrick learns he is a “super” which we know as a modern-day superhero. With little back story about the characters I became more and more confused with each turn of the page. I lost the connection between fantasy and reality and things no longer made sense.

The author switched through characters with no warning leaving me unsure of who just spoke or who had a thought. This was especially confusing because the author uses code names for each character in the beginning pages of the story; never to correctly introduce the characters by their real names. There were three major events happening throughout the book which included revenge, a mysterious super-drug and a homicidal rapist named Floyd. The concept and detail to violent action was excellent and intriguing. Each violent scene made me cringe but kept me anticipating what would happen next. However, the flow of the story was off which caused me to have to reread multiple times to ‘get it’. The more I read the more I felt like I was missing something and that I was starting the story from volume 2 instead of 1.

Overall the book has the potential to be a five-star read. However, it lacks a back story to help readers understand and relate to the characters. With clear character points of view and a glimpse into the life of its main characters the book could have gone far. My rating is a 2 ** out of a 5. It can be purchased on Amazon.



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