Review of Emerald Idol By Hank Fielder

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I recently had the pleasure of reading a new title “Emerald Idol” written by Hank Fielder. A deliciously written tale following the life of Nick Davanger a gorgeous green-eyed multi-talent who doesn’t realize his own greatness. The author leads us through a tale of blackmail and self-exploration that will leave you eager to turn the page. Each sex scene is so juicy it drips then oozes into your psyche.

Hank Fielder’s writing style is compelling with great character descriptions. I fell in love with the Emerald Idol and found myself walking through the character’s shoes trying to connect to what he saw and felt. My only wish is that it’s ending was a bit shorter, which would have given me a reason to thirst for a part two. The ending seemed so final. None the less it was a great read and I give it **** starz out of 5.

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