Many traditional publishers offer their authors book tours to help promote, market and introduce the world to a new title. However, self-published authors don’t have the luxury of this type of literary pampering. Book tours are costly events that usually include multiple stops for book signings, radio interviews and or television interviews as well. For writers doing it on their own a book tour is not something that is economically feasible. I was recently introduced to a great alternative. Below is a break down of a Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tour Concept

Virtual book tours are done primarily online. It provides authors with an opportunity to interview with top bloggers in their genre. Generally the blog host has a wide readership so the interview has the potential to be read by thousands. I’ve found that most virtual tour packages provide multiple blog stops over the course of a month or more. (according to your package selection) The concept is basically the same as a traditional book tour but without the jet lag and extended time away from  your family.

Virtual Book Tour Features

I found myself most excited about the features of the virtual book tour. Different companies may provide different features so you must select what’s most important to you. The features that top my list is Facebook and Twitter book parties, Submission to hundreds of book clubs in your genre, book reviews and your book’s title submitted to thousands of newsletters. That is all in addition to your blog stops. The great news is that most of the world’s readers are avid Internet users so your reach is now on a global scale. Another cool features are online radio interviews .

Virtual Book Tour Benefits

There are lots of great benefits to doing a virtual book tour starting with affordability. You’re looking at a price range of $150-$400 for a multi-stop book tour compared to traditional tours that include airfare, food, hotel stays, car rentals in multiple states and a large volume of books that must be ordered to fill demand. Another benefit is the amount of services you receive under that low price. Saving is important to self-published writers who don’t have a large marketing budget. You reach a broader audience as well. Many readers don’t physically go to bookstores for their reads so they may not attend a traditional book signing.

Virtual radio interviews are also great because it allows you to display your interview link on your webpage. This is especially important for potential listeners who may have missed it. You are also being heard by YOUR GENRE’s target audience. Having your book reach its target audience has huge sales potential. The listening audience is already interested in what you write about and they are looking to buy something new. Virtual book tours can also be done from your own home; around your schedule so no running around like a chicken without its head.

If you are an up and coming urban fiction or fiction writer who is looking for maximum exposure without a huge budget consider virtual blog tours. Who can beat a low-cost way to Spread the Word?


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