I’m Surrounded By Talkers

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This post is a quick step away from my usual posts but somehow still related. Yesterday I spotted a long time friend who I haven’t spoken with in a few years. We took a moment to catch up before the question “What are you up to?” was asked. I told her I was working on my second book and gave her a brief summary. She then started sharing her projects with me, they were the same projects she was supposed to start years ago. when I walked away I realized that she was a talker. This made me realize that I am surrounded by talkers.

Talkers are people who dream about what they want, they talk about what they should be doing and what they plan on doing. They are also people who never actually do it. I have been around talkers most of my life. My paternal aunt has been saying she is going to rent a large van to take ‘us’ her family on a road trip since I was 8 years old. I am now 32 years old and this elusive trip has never happened. My father has been talking about moving to South Carolina since I was a tween. I have since moved to both South Carolina and North Carolina and back home to Philadelphia.

When I think back on the people I know and the ones I meet I notice a central theme. They all have dreams and enjoy the idea of accomplishing them but they all lack either the know-how or the drive to complete the task. I knew I wanted to be a writer the minute I could read words. I had a vivid imagination and could weave a story together that had my little sisters begging for more. I also knew that I would do anything to see my dream realized.

I’m a Do’er and I like being motivated by other people who ‘Do.’ Dreams are wonderful but I prefer to make them a reality and to do that actions and steps are required. Would anyone like to share their experiences with procrastination and what would make them do less talking and more Doing!

Personally I think people are afraid of failing so its easier to dream. To actually step out on faith and not obtain what you want can be devastating. My daily mantra has always been I would much rather die knowing that I tried than to be eternally tortured with what if.

  1. Ryan Potter says:

    Very well written, kc (is that how I should address you?) – I’m with you on every word of this. There’s a quote my high school football coach mentioned to me that I never forgot. “The person who said it can’t be done is being passed by the person who is doing it.” I’ve lived by that saying for more than 20 years now.

  2. kcbaylor says:

    Hi Ryan thanks for commenting. (You can call me KC) I dread the idea of not accomplishing my dreams. Amongst my family and friends I am the person who always go after what I want. Not that I have never procrastinated before but I don’t stall for years.

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