I am continuing this how to become a best-selling fiction author post as I have a bit more ideas for becoming a best-selling author. I have followed a few of my favorite authors through interviews and research to find out what worked for them. Every strategy isn’t going to work for everyone but it is all worth a try.


We all know the power of a good review whether it’s for a product or service and even books. People generally believe the opinion of others when looking for an item and books are no different. You can find reviewers by searching through Amazon under your genre. Usually the reviewers name is listed beside their entry you can then visit their page and send a query.Your query should be simple and to the point. Only mention your name, book title and if it would be ok for you to send them a copy of your title for review.

To maximize the power of a good review please be sure your finished product is fully edited. The reviewer will not hesitate to mention how poorly written your work is. This is especially true for self-published authors. Make sure your cover page is eye-catching they judge this also. You can also do a search for book review services in google and submit your work to a few of these sites. Be sure to follow their instructions for book submission. You don’t want to offend the reviewer!

Low Cost Advertising

Find retail websites dedicated to your genre and buy affordable banners or book cover spots on their webpage. This is effective simply because you are presenting your book before a searching audience. They are on their favorite websites looking for a new book to read. Why not  your book? Most banner ads cost about $25 to $35 per week unless you purchase a month which could run you around $150.00. Another low to no cost advertising is finding internet radio stations that discuss your topic or your book’s genre. Many of these radio stations are eager to interview new authors.

Press Release

This is the most effective and often overlooked method of promoting your work. Press releases announce the presence of your book. It puts the word out and can also provide you with interview opportunities. It will increase your website traffic and potentially boost your sales.

The other day I asked a fellow writer/friend why were they writing. I asked was she writing for self-satisfaction or if she was writing to get paid for her creativity. Of course she stated she wanted to be paid, who doesn’t? if you are serious about your craft you will look for new ways to put your work in the hands of your audience. Do not think outside of the box but reinvent it!!!


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