I thought I would share a sample of my writing. I entered this story for a Halloween flash fiction contest. The story could only be 1000 words or less so I crammed as much excitement as I could in this small short story. Please feel free to let me know what you think!!

Cemetery Games

Casey stood in front of her best friend Greg’s casket. He was the victim of a brutal killing with no potential suspects. Her tears slowly crawled down her cheek with a splash landing on her black dress. After placing a rose on the wooden box she walked back to her seat feeling a cool breeze on her arms and legs. For a brief moment she could feel her friend’s presence. She could smell his masculine scent causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand. A bit stunned Casey turned her head in the direction of the tall trees nearby only to see their leaves blowing from the wind.

Later that evening when Casey was preparing for bed she saw a tall figure standing by a tree in front of her window. He had dark hair and scared eyes. She thought for a moment it was Greg but quickly shook the feeling. She turned down her bed and welcoming the warmth of the comforter she tried to rest. Right when her eyes began to close she felt cold on the left side of her body. She slowly opened her eyes to see a cloud like white figure sitting airily on the edge of her bed. An image of Greg touching her leg filled her eyes. Within moments his head jerked in the direction of the door. His eyes opened wide and his mouth gaping. Casey’s heart began to quicken as her bedroom door slammed open and the image of Greg was pulled out of the room.

Casey sat up and ran to the door to follow the light that trailed down the hall. “Greg?” she half-heartedly expected him to answer. “HELPPPP, CASEY HELPPP” Greg’s voice urged her forward. The light dimmed when it reached the back door and darkness consumed the room once again. Clearly shaken Casey put on her jacket and slippers and decided to go back to the cemetery where Greg was just buried. Why does he need help? She asked herself. She wasn’t sure how she made it to the cemetery so quickly but she parked her car at the entrance leaving her car door open. Casey ran in the direction of Greg’s grave. Adrenaline coursed through her body as she ran.

Moments later her feet slipped from under her and she felt herself falling down into a gaping hole. Her head bashed against the rocks on the way down. Instantly she was asleep. When her eyes opened suddenly she saw Greg with his shirt covered in blood. Chunks of flesh missing from his arms and legs as he held out his hands to her. Casey reached for his hand and allowed him to pull her as he ran. “Where are we?” she asked with no answer. Everything started to look familiar. She could see the local library sitting empty and the dog park and finally the cemetery where she entered moments ago. “Where are you taking me Greg?” He turned back with pale dead eyes still running forward. When he stopped suddenly she could see a dark figure moving in the distance. The figure stood in front of a large concrete monument. It looked as if it were stabbing someone. Casey crept forward trying to see what was on the ground. She caught a glimpse of Greg’s spell book near a few rocks with a small bowl he used to “conjure up spirits”. The dark looming figure had Greg pinned to the ground. The look of fear and trepidation written across his face as the dark figure slashed him with a javelin.

Loud screams escaped Casey’s mouth and suddenly the figure turned to face her. Its eyes were dark pools of red, its skin the color of ash it stared directly at her. The figure stood tall adjusting the javelin in its hand. It’s 8′ foot frame became larger than life as black wings extended from its back covering the light of the moon. Just as it opened its mouth spewing locusts and blood Greg screamed. “RUNNNN CASEY” Casey ran in the direction of the cemetery gate as fast as she could. With one loud swoop she felt herself rising above the ground below. “No, no, no” she scrambled and kicked until she fell back to the ground. The figure flew over her head flapping its heavy feathered wings. She jumped to her feet just to be knocked back down by the dark creature. It’s loud searing screams filled the night air. “THIS WAY” Greg shouted she scrambled on her knees behind a tall monument with the words “Forever A Child” etched into the smooth stone. With little time to think she sat quietly to gather herself. She knew Greg often liked to play with spirits and even spent hours at the cemetery but she thought it all was a joke.

With loud thunderous clapping the winged creature hovered over Casey. It pointed the javelin at her and said with a booming voice. “TO PLAY WITH DEATH IS TO INVITE HIM IN” “DEATH WILL APPEAR TO HIM WHO HAS NO FEAR” Casey could no longer feel the warmth of her body. She suddenly felt an icy chill crawling up her legs. “IT IS I WHO GREET THE DARING SOUL, IT IS I WHO WAIT FOR BOTH YOUNG AND OLD” Her heart began to race out of control. “WHEN YOU PRAY TO GOD FOR THE PEACE YOU SEEK, KNOW THAT IT ONLY COMES THROUGH ME” Suddenly the creature flew away leaving Casey gasping for air. The night sky was filled with an inky darkness and a putrid stench of rotting flesh. Greg reappeared still covered in his own blood. She tried to grab him as her chest heaved out of control. He stood watching her struggle to breathe suddenly there was darkness. Casey opened her eyes again to a night watchman shining a bright flashlight into the hole where she fell. “Give me your hand,” He shouted and she froze.


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