Writing an urban fiction is the easy part getting it published is the real challenge. The genre is relatively new and many street-lit authors are finding much better success self-publishing their work. This being said, the work that needs to go into self-publishing is what will make or break a title. The wrong book cover can cause an author, any author to lose a potential buyer. To avoid this from happening the book cover MUST! catch your reader’s eye. Doing your own publishing means you can either trust the creativity of a vanity press (who is not versed) on urban fiction to design your book cover. This option is highly frowned upon, simply because they will only give you a few revisions and then you are literally stuck with the finished product whether you like it or not. Another reason you shouldn’t leave your book cover up to the vanity press is because they really don’t sell books. They get paid from you the author to publish and print your work and also when you sell it. Another option is to hire your own urban book cover designer who understands the genre and can deliver hot covers each time. I have done a bit of research (hours, days, weeks and months) to come up with a list of urban fiction book cover designers who are at the top of the game. Some of them are even very affordable.

Davida Baldwin

Davida Baldwin is both the designer and Ceo of Oddball Dsgn. She has designed covers for urban fiction publishers like Life Changing Books, The Cartel Publications and her work has even appeared in top magazines including Essence magazine, Don Diva magazine and Vibe. When going through her website www.oddballdsgn.com you get a real sense of a true urban fiction professional. The covers scream for attention and literally jump at you with vivid colors and lots of glitz and glam. Her book cover design price starts at $450.00 but she also provides a discount if you plan on doing multiple covers. This is the best option if you’re planning on a sequel or trilogy. Other services include poster design, fliers and postcards as well as website design. Prices are listed on her services page, which can be downloaded also.

Keith Saunders

Keith Saunders is the founder of Marion Designs and has been creating book covers that has also made it to the top of the Essence best sellers list. His covers have also received recognition from Black Expression book club and traditional publishers like Simon & Schuster. What I liked most is that the designer continues to work with its clients until satisfaction is obtained. This is important for authors because your ability to sell depends on their finished product. The website doesn’t list any prices so you must use the contact pages to request a quote. It is important that you be specific about your product so they can give you accurate pricing information. For more information visit their website http://www.mariondesigns.com/

Patti Hultstrand

Patti Hultstrand is one of the Publisher and Ceo for www.azpublishingservices.com. A publisher of fiction and increasingly urban fiction novels. Patti Hultstrand designs covers for urban fiction writers for a fraction of the cost. For $250.00 you can get your cover designed for print and ebook publication. This is extremely affordable and can mean publishing possibilities for new up and coming writers. Her work has won her awards in urban fiction cover design. On a professional side note some of her covers need to be polished if it wants to compete with the above mention cover designers. Good bargain for the money but need additional work to get it to a competitive urban fiction edge. Pricing information can be found here http://www.learnitlive.com/bookpubdoctor

Hot Book Covers

I was unable to find any one person’s name to list as a contact for the website. However, their work looks fantastic. They have designed for urban fiction greats like Wahida Clark, Triple Crown Publications and G Street Chronicles. All major players in the urban fiction game. Authors are able to get a book cover design starting at $250.00 with options to add bookmarks, posters and fliers as well. They also provide book trailers(which are great advertising tools) To check out their work visit them at http://www.hotbookcovers.com/

How important is a book cover when shopping around for your next read?

  1. Lloyd says:

    I like very much that you included Davida over at Oddball Dsgn. I used her and found working with her to be great! I’m loving your blog by the way!

  2. Ahmareia Huff says:

    Im an up and coming urban fiction writer and this blog definitely made my search for graphic designers a one stop shop!!!! Love it!!

  3. One word of advice when dealing with Graphic Artists is to have a clear view of what you want your cover to look like. Send idea images or a sketch, reference other books for font suggestions and layout. It will save you money! You have only a moment to catch a readers eye. You have to make that moment count!
    Thank again for the great blog KC.
    Genevieve ( Miseducation of a Hustler)

    • kcbaylor says:

      Thank you so much for the insight. The more information you have when working with a designer the more likely they are to give you a finished product you will be proud of. Thanks for stopping by

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