Writing your book is only half the battle. It may have taken you a few months if not years to finish your street-lit fiction novel. You just saved the last few chapters and are now faced with bigger decisions such as publishing options that will fit your needs and budget. Before you get really excited you may want to take a moment to give some thought to your best marketing tool. The book cover is the best way to promote your book.

Book Covers Sells Books

It’s no secret that book covers sells books. Think about the last book you bought, you first noticed the cover and then you flipped it over to read the back cover sales copy. The book cover caught your eye while the sales copy closed the deal. The more exciting, enticing and colorful the cover the more attention it receives. The more people looking means  your book has a greater chance of selling. More sales obviously means more MONEY!!!

Design Your Cover with Your Genre in Mind

Know your audience. There is nothing worse than having a boring cover design for an action packed urban fiction. You don’t do your book justice by having a boring, lifeless looking cover. Your cover tells a visual story about what the reader is to expect. Boring covers subliminally tells the reader the story to will be boring. If it looks thrown together readers will think your story is also. Represent your story well by adding different components on your cover with lots of glitz and glamour but don’t sell anything on the cover that isn’t really in the book.

Carefully Select a Book Cover Designer

If you’ve reached the stage of publishing you will have already learned that the publishing house will design a cover for you. This can be both good and bad. Good because you can decide on a concept but also bad because they only give you a few revisions before they move forward. I prefer my own book cover designer. This allows you to be in control. The designer works for you, which means they want to make you happy. You can give them your concept or thoughts and they will bring your idea to life. Your sales depend on this step so make it work.


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